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* Everything that [[TouchDesigner Commercial]] supports.
* Everything that [[TouchDesigner Commercial]] supports.
* render web pages as textures using the [[Web Render TOP]].
* '''TouchDesigner Pro-only Operators'''  
* '''TouchDesigner Pro-only Operators'''  

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TouchDesigner Pro[edit]


  • Privacy Options - Options for private .toe files and private components. Create a .toe project file or .tox component file that is inaccessible without the password.
  • option to hide the TouchDesigner splash screen on startup
  • keys can be moved from computer to computer.
  • software fixes/RFEs are not guaranteed, but Pro users will receive front-of-the-line service.
  • bug fixes to the specific build you are using
  • Pro Support from Derivative staff - Pro support includes up to 6 hours of programmer or production specialist support in a one-year support period. (No support provided with TouchDesigner Non-commercial, Commercial or Educational licenses.)
  • Price $2200 usd per license. Purchase Pro in the STORE.

See also TouchDesigner Commercial and TouchDesigner Educational

TOuch Environment file, the file type used by TouchDesigner to save your project.