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TouchDesigner Commercial[edit]


A TouchDesigner Commercial license is available for $600 if you use TouchDesigner for commercial purposes.

  • A Commercial license is available for use with any project or work done with TouchDesigner that you receive money or compensation for.
  • image resolution and compositing at any resolution the hardware supports.
  • create H.264 movies in realtime (via GPU encoding).
  • stream textures via RTSP using the Video Stream Out TOP.
  • render web pages as textures using the Web Render TOP.
  • includes additional operators such as C++ and Shared Memory Operators
  • option to hide the TouchDesigner splash screen on startup
  • the Commercial license is good for one commercial key for one computer.
  • keys can be moved from computer to computer.
  • does not include any direct support, forum support only.
  • price $600 USD per license. Purchase TouchDesigner Commercial in the STORE.

See also TouchDesigner Pro and TouchDesigner Educational