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* Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 and up  
* Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 and up  
* Apple macOS 10.11 and up (See also [[macOS]])
* Apple macOS 10.12 and up (See also [[macOS]])
== Graphics Cards ==
== Graphics Cards ==

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System requirements for TouchDesigner and TouchPlayer.

Basic Requirements[edit]

Older than hereafter specified configurations might work but some features will not be available.

Operating System[edit]

  • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 and up
  • Apple macOS 10.12 and up (See also macOS)

Graphics Cards[edit]

A minimum of 1GB GPU memory and use of the most recent Nvidia drivers, AMD drivers or Intel drivers is recommended. TouchDesigner uses OpenGL. Desktop Cards

  • Nvidia GeForce 600 Series Card or better
  • AMD HD 7000 Series Card or better

Workstation Cards

  • Nvidia Quadro K Series Card or better
  • AMD W or V Series Card or better

Integrated Graphics NOTE: Not all features are supported on integrated video chipsets and there is a lower expectation on overall performance.

  • Intel HD4000, HD5000 and above

Input Devices[edit]

  • A three-button mouse with scroll-wheel is required.

Feature Specific Requirements[edit]

The Graphics Processing Unit. This is the high-speed, many-core processor of the graphics card/chip that takes geometry, images and data from the CPU and creates images and processed data.