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Build 2021.11020 - Mar 03, 2021[edit]

New Features[edit]

  • Movie File Out TOP - Added support for VP8 and VP9 codec encoding into .webm containers.
  • Point Transform TOP - Added second input that can be used as a weight map to control which points are transformed.
  • Web Render TOP - Added 'Cook Always' toggle on by default which is the old behaviour). When off, Web Render TOP will continue to cook for 10 frames after an update from the cef process to avoid delays, but afterwards new cooks will be triggered by updates.
  • Trim CHOP - Added 'Shift Start to 0' parameter.
  • Text SOP - New 'Level of Detail' range down to 0 gives a far lower polygon count.

New Python[edit]

  • TOP - Added metadata keyword to save a list of key/value pairs to the header of .exr files.
  • kinectazureTOP Class.colorCameraIntrinsics/depthCameraIntrinsics now return named tuples.
  • Allow negative indexing of ListAttributes. Example: op('list1').rowAttribs[-1] # bottom row
  • Allow negative indexing.


ui.panes[-1] #returns last element
op('table1')[-1,-1] #returns bottom right cell
op('table1').row(-1) #returns bottom row

Affects following classes:

   Color Class
   Dongle Class
   DongleList Class
   Licenses Class
   Monitors Class
   Panes Class
   Position Class
   Quaternion Class
   Runs Class
   Vector Class
   CHOP Class
   Channel Class
   DAT Class
   Actors Class
   Bodies Class
   AttributeData Class
   Mesh Class
   Points Class
   Prim Class
   Prims Class
   Sequence Class

New Palette[edit]

  • TDAbleton - Added new tdAbletonPackageBeta which has been updated to add support for Ableton Live 11.
  • Palette:camera - Reworked the component so that it can be used directly as a camera.
  • Palette:kantanMapper - Now allows for dragging a texture directly onto a shape, and a fix for DPI scaling.
  • Palette:gestureCapture - Added 'Always Record' parameter for continuous recording of input and constant drawing of lines.
  • Palette:reproject - New release. Quickly setup multiple outputs for Camera COMPs quad reproject feature.
  • Palette:splitter - New release. Split large input textures and assign to a screen array.
  • Palette:webSvg - New release. Component to load and transform SVG files, uses Web Render TOP and therefore works on all systems. Replaces deprecated SVG TOP which relied on an older Nvidia SVG library and required a Nvidia GPU.

Bug Fixes and Improvements[edit]

  • Bullet Solver CHOP - Fixed incorrect rotation channel values for some collision shapes.
  • Engine COMP - Fixed issue which prevented custom parameters updating when "Start on Init" was turned on.
  • Engine COMP - Fixed for parameters not being set on load in some circumstances.
  • List COMP - Fixed issue with fontSizeY not working.
  • OP Viewer COMP now shares same panel values as the operator its pointing to which fixes reported issues of no click events on OP Viewer COMPs.
  • Window COMP - Fixed unresponsive 'Open as Separate Window...' and 'Open as Perform Window...' options in the COMP's right-click menu.
  • OpenColorIO TOP - Fixed usage of color correction and file transform files from VFS.
  • Spectrum TOP - Added correct error for incorrect Nvidia CUDA driver version.
  • Text TOP - Create a global 'default' font to be used when font loading fails, this fixes missing fonts loading into the UI of tools like Palette:stoner and Palette:kantanMapper etc.
  • Text TOP / Text SOP - Better behavior when loaded font is missing, load a fallback font in it's place.
  • Vioso TOP - Fixed usage of Vioso files from VFS.
  • Kinect Azure CHOP - Disabled CUDA check on the CHOP when only looking for IMU data.
  • Render Pick CHOP / Render Pick DAT - Now respects 'Cull Face' parameter of the Render TOP.
  • Point Sprite MAT - Now works correctly with the 'Instance Active' instancing attribute.
  • SocketIO DAT - Fixed TLS connection issues.
  • Matrix Class - Fixed getInverse and getTranspose() not actually returning a result.
  • Split up panel width/height/x/y expression dependencies to optimize/avoid recursions.
  • Fixed missing menu choice entries when drag/dropping onto nodes .
  • Fixed issue where TouchDesigner would fail to start on some older versions of Windows 10.
  • Fixed oversized node icons when node stretch extremely wide.
  • Fixed crash by correctly interpreting code points for emojis on macOS.  
  • Fixed TouchPlayer not determining Perform Window size and showing error dialog on startup.

Backward Compatibility[edit]