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Build 2019.30074 - Jun xx, 2019[edit]

New Features[edit]

  • Python 3.7.2 is now the built-in version of python.
  • Bind CHOP - Use CHOP channels for binding with parameters. Allows for multiple inputs (like old Override CHOP) or the bound parameter to update a channel's value. Includes a Callbacks DAT for querying where the change was initiated and then taking further actions via python script.
  • Binding - Binding to DAT text or table cells is now supported.
  • Laser CHOP - Successor to the Scan CHOP. Adds extra blanking controls and new functionality for controlling lasers more accurately.
  • Function TOP - New TOP that allows mathematical functions to be done on pixels.
  • new Network COMP lets you embed the network editor in your panels (not available in TouchPlayer)
  • Video Device Out TOP - Added support for Fill + Key pairs for AJA devices.
  • Keyboard In CHOP - Keys are now defined in a space or comma separated list rather than as neighbouring keys on the keyboard. Old files are automatically updated to the new system when they load (only works for constant parameters). Added shift key support to the 'Modifier Key' parameter menu.
  • Keyboard In CHOP / Mouse In CHOP - Added 'Panels' parameter so events are only triggered when the given panel has focus.
  • Object CHOP - Added 4x4 Matrix & Quaternion output.
  • Transform CHOP - Overhauled and improved.
    • Now accepts two inputs. Added 'Invert Input 0' and 'Invert Input 1' parameters. Also added some warnings when two inputs are not compatible or invalid inputs.
    • Added 4x4 Matrix & Quaternion output.
    • Added toggle parameters to control output.
    • Added Operation and Coefficient parameters for final output values.
    • Added 'Unmatched Channels' parameter.
    • Renamed 'Invert' to 'Post Invert' on the output page.
  • LTC In CHOP / LTC Out CHOP - Improved to support higher frame rates and more.
    • LTC CHOPs now work for higher frame rates.
    • LTC In will now adjust the frame value based on the value in the User 1 channel.
    • User field1 is now automatically used for frame rates over 30.
    • Added an option for LTC In to display the absolute frame number.
  • Hold CHOP - Added 'Hold Per Samples' parameter.
  • Web Server DAT - WIP
  • Web Client DAT - New DAT that acts as a web client. Replaces the old Web DAT.
    • Added request python method.
  • Geometry COMP - Major instancing improvements
    • TOPs can now be used as a source for instancing.
    • Instancing can now be driven from multiple OPs, including ones of different types.
  • Rectangle SOP / Box SOP / Circle SOP / Grid SOP / Sphere SOP / Superquad SOP / Torus SOP / Tube SOP - Added 'Anchor' parameters to main SOP generators. The position stays stationary regardless of rotate and scale settings.
  • Text SOP - Added vertical alignment options: First Line, Top, Center, Bottom. The chosen field will be aligned to the x-axis.
  • DATs - Execute DATs will now accept multiple OPs to monitor.

New Palette[edit]

New Python[edit]

  • new Header parameter type acts as a label and section divider. It is like parameter sections but you can give it a text string.
  • Page Class - methods and members will now also work for built-in pages.
  • Page.appendHeader(name) - Appends a custom parameter that displays only the value, left justified, with no editing ability. Can be used in combination with Par.startSection and Par.enable.
  • Par member can now return a built-in page.
  • Par Class - Added Par.subLabel member.
  • Par Class - Added collapser/collapsable boolean members, these are for collapsable parameters like those found on MATs for texture map's Texture Sampling Parameters.
  • OP Class.pages() method returns a list of the node's built-in pages.

Bug Fixes and Improvements[edit]

  • Notch TOP - Added group names as section headers when generating the custom parameters of a Notch block.
  • DMX In CHOP / DMX Out CHOP - Increased the baud rate for reading and writing through generic serial interfaces.
  • Web DAT is deprecated.


BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY - Transform CHOP was previously using rotate order as the output order even if the 'Custom Output Orders' was On.

BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY - Transform CHOP had Output Channels parameter removed, replaced by output toggles to customize the output channels.

BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY - Function CHOP fixed an issue where tanh(x) was being calculated as tan(x).

An Operator Family which operate on Channels (a series of numbers) which are used for animation, audio, mathematics, simulation, logic, UI construction, and many other applications.

An Operator Family that manipulates text strings: multi-line text or tables. Multi-line text is often a command Script, but can be any multi-line text. Tables are rows and columns of cells, each containing a text string.

Binding is a Parameter Mode that ties two or more values together, where changing the value of any one of the bound values changes all of them. The actual value is stored in one place, whichever value is at the top of the bind chain, called the bind master. Parameters can be bind references, bind masters, or both. Table cells and bindCHOP channels can be bind masters only.

An Operator Family that creates, composites and modifies images, and reads/writes images and movies to/from files and the network. TOPs run on the graphics card's GPU.

An Operator Family that contains its own Network inside. There are twelve 3D Object Component and eight 2D Panel Component types. See also Network Path.

An Operator Family that reads, creates and modifies 3D polygons, curves, NURBS surfaces, spheres, meatballs and other 3D surface data.

A built-in panel in TouchDesigner that contains a library of components and media that can be dragged-dropped into a TouchDesigner network.