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== Build 2019.19930 - Nov 1, 2019 ==
== Build 2019.19xx - Nov xx, 2019 ==
=== New Features ===
=== New Features ===
* [[Kinect TOP]] - Improvements for Kinect V2.
** Added Depth Space Point Cloud output.
** Added ability to remap color to depth space. This is useful to create a cleaner (but lower resolution) point cloud along with 'Depth Space Point Cloud' than the one that is in color space, as it has less points that have unknown positions.
* [[DAT to CHOP]] - Added 'Duplicate Names' menu to keep first, last, or most recently changed values.
* [[Custom Operators]] - New example for CPUMemoryTOP that shows threading along with utility class to help make that easier to do.
=== New Palette ===
=== New Palette ===
* [[TDAbleton]] - Version 1.22.0 
** Added Jump To Cuepoint features to abletonSong.
** Added empty TDA Live Set to Samples.
** Fixed Textport dump when adding TDA_Master.
** Fixed bug when there is a device with no parameters present in the Live Set.
* [[Palette:moviePlayer]] - Updated to v31.
** More strict checks on pre-reading/loading files on network http:// and https:// naming.
** Some internal cue components' disabled parameters changed to read-only to assure proper cooking.
=== New Python ===
=== New Python ===
* [[Pane Class]].enable - Get or Set mouse and keyboard interactivity on the pane.
=== Bug Fixes and Improvements ===
=== Bug Fixes and Improvements ===
* [[Notch TOP]] - Updated to SDK v0.9.22.
* [[Bullet Solver COMP]] - Fixed onStart and onInit callbacks.
* [[GLSL TOP]] - Fixed recent bug where more than 4 compute outputs could not be used.
* [[NDI In TOP]] - Fixed a case where audio input would not work.
* [[NDI In TOP]] - Avoid crash when changing audio buffer length to 0.
* [[Composite TOP]] - Fixed crash that can occur when connecting too many inputs to this node (64 or so).
* [[DMX In CHOP]] / [[DMX Out CHOP]] - Fixed the 'Serial Port' parameter menu so that it enumerates correctly on macOS.
* [[Timer CHOP]] - Include timer_pulse even if segment is at least 1 frame long.
* [[Feedback CHOP]] - Fixed cooking bug.
* [[WebSocket DAT]] - Fixed sending binary/text for packets larger than 64k.
* [[WebSocket DAT]].sendBinary() now supports bytearray as well as bytes type.
* [[Keyboard In DAT]] - Some improvements for macOS like better support for Cmd, Function, and Arrow keys.
* [[OP Find DAT]] - Fixed double callback when pulsing 'Refresh'.
* [[CPlusPlus DAT]] - Fixed issue with using incorrect string data from inputs.
* [[Field COMP]] - Fixed issue where field content would not be updated before panel value changed, returning incorrect data from field in some cases. (Key Manager 'Login' button for example)
* Fixed Offline Help in macOS, improved system updates documentation each build.
* Fixed intermittent crash when accessing Preset parameter menus.
* Fixed Geometry Viewer Pane so space/s keys etc will change geometry pane state when held down.
<!--* EULA updated-->
=== Backward Compatibility ===
=== Backward Compatibility ===

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Build 2019.19xx - Nov xx, 2019[edit]

New Features[edit]

New Palette[edit]

New Python[edit]

Bug Fixes and Improvements[edit]

Backward Compatibility[edit]

A built-in panel in TouchDesigner that contains a library of components and media that can be dragged-dropped into a TouchDesigner network.