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== Build 2019.19160 - Sep 18, 2019==
== Build 2019.19xxx - Sept 18, 2019 ==
=== New Features ===
=== New Features ===
* [[Notch TOP]] - Added 'Aspect Scale' parameter for each exposed camera, allowing output to be adjusted in multi-camera setups
* [[Blend CHOP]] - Added 'Additive Blending' method. Additive blending is the same as Proportional but without the normalization of weights
=== New Palette ===
=== New Palette ===
* [[Palette:camSchnappr]] - Version 2.53 bug fixes and improvements
** Multiple specified camSchnappr's Auto Blend feature is now properly referenced.
** Point IDs no longer move away from point when zooming out of viewport.
** Fixed problem where camSchnappr was not using referenced project's grid position.
** New parameters added to control ArcBall mutipliers, helpful for dealing with geometry of various scales.
** Added 'Alt Modifier Key Parameter' to control step size when moving points with alt+arrow key.
* [[Palette:kantanMapper]] - Bug fixes and improvements
** New shapes get an individual name.
** Fixed alpha for freeform shapes.
** Rectangles and freeform shapes now have Texture ID parameter exposed letting you specify the texture to use with kantanUVHelper.
** Added ability to create a custom softedges with access to every corner point seperately.
* [[Palette:searchReplace]] - Fixed bug where Table DAT's exact dimensions can be destroyed by replace.
* [[Widgets]] updated.
** autoUI.tox 0.4.7 now has better error messages when you don't have a widgets package in your project.
* [[TDAbleton]] updated to 1.21.0
** Value return parameters from Live now work with binding.
** Cleaned up demo dependencies, stop textport spam, and remove 'tests' component.
** Automatically pick MAX devices.
** New "TDA Ignore" Max devices that make TouchDesigner ignore all following devices in chain (for speed)
** 'Timeslice OSC' parameter on TDA components to eliminate constant cooking of inputs (replaces old selective cooking option ).
** 'Send Only' parameter option on TDA components turns off all OSC CHOP inputs completely.
** Ticks included in time data for song.
=== New Python ===
=== New Python ===
* [[COMP Class]].copyOPs now preserves wiring when source component is the same as the destination.
* [[App Class]] - New <code>windowColorBits</code> member.
=== Bug Fixes and Improvements ===
=== Bug Fixes and Improvements ===
<!--* EULA updated-->
<!--* EULA updated-->
* [[Custom Operators]] - Fixed crash that can occur when a 2nd input is connected when no 1st input is connected.
* [[NDI In TOP]] - Receiving interlaced sources should now work, they will automatically be deinterlaced.
* [[NDI Out TOP]] - Fixed crash that can occur at certain resolutions, such as 960x540.
* [[GLSL TOP]] - Fixed some issues with #include statements when referencing Select DATs.
* [[RealSense TOP]] - Upgrade to libRealSense 2.26.0. Gived error when firmware is out of date.
* [[Audio Movie CHOP]] / [[Audio File In CHOP]] - Fixed crash that can occur when files with more than 8 channels are used.
* [[Logic CHOP]] - Fixed memory leak with duplicate names.
* [[Reorder CHOP]]- Fixed an incorrect sorting with "Base Name Sort" option.
* [[OSC In CHOP]] - Fixed stripping name segments.
* [[OSC In DAT]] - Backward compatibility fix: 'Blank Lines for Non-Scoped Bundles'
* [[Lookup DAT]] - Fix Row Values/Col Values menu options.
* [[FBX COMP]] - Fixed cooking issue when it has a wired parent COMP.
* [[FBX COMP]] / [[USD COMP]] - Fixed bug with 'Extend Right' Hold mode.
* [[Light COMP]] - Fixed bug with incorrect shadows showing up when using soft shadowing.
* [[Export Movie Dialog]] - Now allow for non-integer frame rates ie. 29.97 or 59.94.
* Fixed [[Global OP Shortcut]]s sometimes resulting in long paths being created when using 'Paste Reference' or 'Paste Bind'.
* Fixed a crash when comparing the Point/Prim/Vertex with invalid types.
=== Backward Compatibility ===
=== Backward Compatibility ===

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Build 2019.19xxx - Sept 18, 2019[edit]

New Features[edit]

New Palette[edit]

New Python[edit]

Bug Fixes and Improvements[edit]

Backward Compatibility[edit]

A built-in panel in TouchDesigner that contains a library of components and media that can be dragged-dropped into a TouchDesigner network.