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Official Build - 2019.10000 Series[edit]

New Features[edit]

Major New Additions[edit]

Unicode Character Support

  • Unicode - TouchDesigner now supports unicode everywhere. This allows the use of characters beyond standard 128 ASCII characters and adds builtin text support for most of the world's languages.
    • Use unicode almost anywhere you can type a string
    • File names and file paths can now contain unicode characters
    • DATs can now accept unicode characters directly
    • Text TOP and Text SOP accept unicode characters directly
    • Parameters can now contain unicode characters
    • Python can use unicode characters where supported
    • Some parts of TouchDesigner must still use standard alphanumberic characters, such as Operator names, Channel names, Custom Parameters, Custom Attributes.

Rigid-Body Dynamics

  • Physics - A new group of Dynamics Components now support hard-body physics simulations using Bullet Physics Library.
    • Bullet Solver COMP - Acts as the physics simulation solver.
    • Actor COMP - Holds geometry that is acted upon by the physics simulation.
    • Force COMP - Applies forces to Actor COMPs that specify them.
    • Impulse Force COMP - Applies impulse forces to Actor COMPs, which are forces that happen in an instant.
    • Constraint COMP - Constrains Actor COMPs together in 3 ways i) Point To Point ii) Hinge iii) Slider.
    • Bullet Solver CHOP - Extracts information from a Bullet Solver COMP or Actor COMP as channels that can be manipulated in CHOPs and then fed back into the simulation using the Bullet Solver COMP's 'Feedback CHOP' parameter.

FBX and USD Support

  • FBX COMP - New Component that loads FBX files as a network.
    • Allows for non-destructive updating of FBX assets while keeping network customizations.
    • No longer converts to intermediate .tog geometry format.
    • Support for lights, cameras, groups, merging geometry
    • Supports Direct to GPU
    • Separate parameter page for embedded animation control
  • USD COMP - New Component that adds support for Pixar's USD file formats (.usd .usda .usdc .usdz). USD (Universal Scene Description) is a new interchange format for sharing 3D scenes and their assets between applications.
    • Allows for non-destructive updating of USD assets while keeping network customizations.
    • Imports scene materials using PBR
    • Supports Direct to GPU
    • Separate parameter page for embedded animation control
    • Other applications/platforms using USD currently include Houdini, Maya, Katana and iOS ARkit.
  • Both the FBX and USD COMPs include a Callbacks DAT for customizing the import process and resulting network.
  • Both COMPs have the option to generate Actor COMPs instead of Geometry COMPs in the FBX/USD network for use with the Bullet Solver COMP.
  • Import Select TOP, Import Select CHOP, Import Select SOP - These new operators work inside FBX COMPs and USD COMPs to extract textures, animation channels, or geometry meshes from the imported FBX/USD hierarchy into individual operators.

Custom Operators and C++

  • Custom OPs - Now C++ OPs you create have a new API allowing them to act like regular built-in operators. This includes giving them their own custom names and having them available in the OP Create Dialog under a new 'Custom' tab.
  • C++ DAT - The DAT family finally gets a C++ operator to create DAT Custom OPs as well.
  • Non-Commercial licenses now work with CPlusPlus OPs and Custom OPs, they no longer require a Commercial or Pro license.

Widgets User Interface Toolkit

  • Widgets - A new set of UI components for building control panels, performance interfaces, applications and systems. Designed to be modular and updatable, this new architecture is fully customizable and extendible and will be TouchDesigner's primary UI toolkit going forward. Widgets use python under the hood and the old tscript-based TUIK has been removed and deprecated.
  • This first release of Basic Widgets can be found in the Palette under UI > Basic Widgets. In the future there will also be a more advanced widget set for system builders.
  • Widget COMP - A new Panel COMP that is base component for building Widget UI systems. At this point it is similar to the Container COMP, but additional features specific to Widget will be added.

Parameter Bi-direction Binding

Nvidia Flow Simulation

  • Flow - Now supporting Nvidia Flow - Requires Windows 10 with a Nvidia GPU.
  • Flow is a volumetric fluid based simulation of a burning gas system. Control the 3 main factors of temperature, fuel, and smoke to create amazing fire and smoke simulations.
  • Nvidia Flow Emitter COMP - Sets up an emitter and material. Controls the amount of fuel injected into the system as well as the temperature and amount of smoke. Material settings for the various components in the simulation are provided.
  • Nvidia Flow TOP - Runs the simulation and renders the result. Controls for the simulation include damping and fading, vorticity, and burn control for each step of the simulation.

Brilliant New Operators

  • Line MAT - New material that provides constant shading of lines with 3D depth rolloff and color controls. Control over line widths, line end points, drawing points, drawing vectors and arrows, and more.
  • Audio NDI CHOP - New audio CHOP to receive audio input over NDI. There coincides a new parameter for NDI Out TOP to select an audio CHOP to send as output over NDI.
  • NDI DAT - New DAT to list all NDI sources found on the network. It also includes callbacks to trigger scripts on events.
  • Mirror TOP - New TOP for mirroring part of an image on top of itself. (Thanks Joel!)
  • ZED TOP / ZED CHOP / ZED SOP - Adds support for Stereolabs ZED cameras.
  • Stype CHOP / Stype TOP - New operators for Stype camera tracking protocol.
  • Lookup DAT - New DAT to lookup values between a DAT and a lookup table.
  • Parameter DAT - New DAT for getting parameter information from any OP. Especially useful for parameters whose values are strings.
  • Web Render TOP - Not technically new, but now supported on macOS!

Help and Documentation

  • Offline documentation is now included with the TouchDesigner installation. When there is no internet connection, TouchDesigner will automatically use offline help.
  • Rollover Help on every parameter, just hold down the 'alt' key (or 'option' on macOS) while you rollover a parameter's name to see its help!
  • Dozens of new Operator Snippets for you to explore.


  • Camera COMP - Added Quad Reprojection support. This allows an arbitrary section of a render, as defined by 4 points from a SOP, to be treated as the projection plane. The contents of the quad are reprojected to fill the final output view as part of the render, resulting in a full resolution render for that sub-region of the original render.
  • Light COMP - Added 'Projection Map Type' parameter that allows selecting a new 'Point (Equirectangular)' projection type. This will project an equirectangular texture out in all directions from the light's position.
  • Geometry Viewer - Homing now works for instanced geometry.
  • Field COMP - Added parameters for total digits, decimal digits and trailing zeroes to handle float and integer fields. Floating values will rounded to the number of decimal digits.


  • TOPs - Added "Parent Panel Size" to the Output Resolution parameter menu; this will set the resolution to the width/height of the Parent Panel. If the immediate parent is not a panel, it will look up the hierarchy and use the width/height of the first parent panel found.
  • Blob Track TOP - Overhauled and added background subtraction via a 2nd input. Using background subtraction speeds up performance massively.
  • RealSense TOP - Added support for RealSense D435i camera.
  • Movie File In TOP - Added support for hardware decoder on Nvidia GPUs. New Hardware Decode parameter on the 'Tune' page enables it. Will support 10 and 12-bit H264/H265s and YUV 444 files on supporting hardware.
  • Movie File In TOP - Added 'num_decode_chunks' channel to Info CHOP to tell how many decode chunks a HAP movie is encoded with.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Added 'Stop-Frame Movie' output type.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Added support for outputting .gif files.
  • Video Device In TOP / Video Device Out TOP - Added support for GPU Direct for Blackmagic cards.
  • Video Device In TOP - Added support for AJA Kona HDMI.
  • Video Device Out TOP - Added support for external reference sync input for AJA devices.
  • Video Device Out TOP - Added support for using the failsafe on AJA Corvid 24 devices.
  • Render TOP - Added a rendering mode for UV unwrapping.
  • Render TOP - Added parameters to only render a few faces for a cube map if desired.
  • Render TOP - Added support for Image Output. This gives an extra buffer of arbitrary type/size/format that can be written to using imageStore() in GLSL MATs. The results can be accessed using a Render Select TOP.
  • GLSL TOP, GLSL MAT - Added 'Preprocess Directives' DAT parameters. Specifies a DAT that contains code that will be added at the start of all the compiled shaders. This is where #extension directives should go, as well as common #define values to be set for all shader stages.
  • Substance TOP - Upgraded to most recent Substance Designer engine, now has support for 4k textures.
  • Web Render TOP - Now works using Non-Commercial licences and on macOS as well.
  • Leap Motion TOP - Added v4.0.0 Orion Leap Motion support (Windows only).
  • Text TOP - Added parameters to choose between text alignment using font metrics or the bounding box of the current string.


  • Speed CHOP / Spring CHOP / Slope CHOP - Added 'Per Sample' option, Shuffle CHOP no longer needed!
  • Shuffle CHOP - Added "Sequence All Samples Every Nth Channel" and "Sequence All Samples By Name" options.
  • Pattern CHOP - Added a new type called 'Step' and new 'Step per Cycle' and 'Phase Step per Channel' parameters.
  • Timer CHOP - Rewritten for optimization.
  • SOP to CHOP - Added toggles to SOP to CHOP for Position, Color, Normal and Texture attributes. Attributes in 'Custom' have autonamed channels.
  • OSC In CHOP - Added a non-timeslice mode that will only cook when receiving data.
  • OSC In CHOP - Added a local address parameter to only listen on a specific IP. Great for working with multiple network interface controllers (NICs).
  • OSC Out CHOP - New parameter to support multiple NICs (Network Interface Controllers).
  • Ableton Link CHOP - Upgraded to Link SDK 3.02 and enabled 'Start/Stop Sync' which addresses issues with Ableton 10 pauses. Also added missing Info CHOP channels for this CHOP.
  • Audio Device In CHOP / Audio Device Out CHOP - Added 'Buffer Length' units menu.
  • OpenVR CHOP - New Info DAT information which contains the serial numbers for controllers. This offers a reliable way to have the same controller be used for the same action regardless of when they become visible to the system.
  • Leap Motion CHOP - Added v4.0.0 Orion Leap Motion support (Windows only).
  • DMX In CHOP - Improvements
    • Added 'Clear Output' parameter.
    • Added 'Keep Values on Save' toggle to keep values when saving and reloading a project. When off values will be set to 0 when project is reloaded.
  • Clock CHOP - Added second input for specifying a start date and new channel for 'days' elapsed.


  • Text SOP - Added ability to extrude generated geometry.
  • Text SOP - New 'Closed Polygons (Filled Holes)' output type. Particularly useful for use with the Line MAT.
  • Convert SOP - Added 'Particles Per Point' and Vertex.
  • Particle SOP - Added new parameter 'Surface Attraction' to control the surface attraction force.
  • CPlusPlus SOP / Script SOP - Added support for point and primitive groups.


  • Phong MAT, PBR MAT - Added 'Displace Vertices' parameter that will displace vertex positions using a heightmap.
  • GLSL MAT - Added instanceID overloads for TDDeform*() functions.


  • OSC In DAT / UDP In DAT / EtherDream DAT - Added a local address parameter to only listen on a specific IP. Great for working with multiple network interface controllers (NICs).
  • OSC Out DAT TCP/IP DAT UDP Out DAT - New parameter added to support multiple NICs (Network Interface Controllers).
  • Keyboard In DAT - Tweaked for unicode support. A 'key' is defined as the best-match ASCII keyboard key pressed. While 'character' is the actual unicode character generated.
  • OP Find DAT additions.
    • Added option to show chosen filter values when combining 'any'.
    • Added new 'Incremental Update' option.
    • Added new 'Custom' combine option which allows an arbitary expression to combine filters.
    • Added new 'wirepath' column which provides a list of connected siblings to that object. Only supported for Object and Panel components.
    • Added new option 'Include Wire Hierarchy'.
  • Added .csv file format support for CHOPs and DATs.
  • Art-Net DAT - Added local address parameters that allow for specification of which network card the ArtPoll packet is sent from.
  • Folder DAT - Added callbacks parameter and attached DAT with 4 available callbacks: onInitGetColumnNames, onGetValues, onGetInclude, onFound
  • Added UTF-8 support to various callback parameters:
    • Art-NET DAT: short name, long name, node report
    • MQTT Client DAT: label, topic
    • Web Socket DAT: text
    • DAT.text member for Table DATs

Interface - UI[edit]

  • Performance Monitor improvements
    • Added line numbers to make filtering easier.
    • Improved reporting and descriptions of certain events.
    • Added 'Filter Count Trigger' - If value is above zero it will stop analyzing only when that many filtered lines are received. Useful for capturing specific event descriptions.

New Python[edit]

  • Search External Python Path Last added to Preference Dialog to control the order custom python module paths are searched, either before or after TouchDesigner's builtin modules.
  • OP Class OP.shortcutPath(OP) -> str
    • Returns an expression from this operator to the OP that is passed as the argument. See OP.relativePath for a version using relative path constants.
    • Keyword changed to toParName.
  • OP Class OP.getShorcut(OP, parName=None)
    • New keyword 'parName' to return expression to parameter instead.
  • OP Class.copyParameters - Added custom/builtin keywords that can disable copying of custom or builtin parameters.
  • OP Class.localCook moved to COMP.localCook, always True for OPs internally.
  • DAT Class - Added findCells and findCell python methods to search cells by value.
  • DAT Class.replaceRow / DAT Class.replaceCol - Replace a row / column in a table.
  • DAT Class functions for working with multiple rows/columns at once.
    • appendRows() - appends multiple rows to a Table DAT.
    • appendCols() - appends multiple columns to a Table DAT.
    • deleteRows() - deletes multiple rows in a Table DAT.
    • deleteCols() - deletes multiple columns in a Table DAT.
  • Color Class - Added new Color class to tdu.
  • Prim Class - Prim.direction returns a normalized vector pointing from the centroid of the SOP to the centroid of the primitive.
  • SOP Class - Added support for
  • Point SOP - me.inputPoint and me.inputPoint2 are now a InputPoint Class instead of a Point Class.
  • GroupSOP_Class - Added a new class which outputs the groups of geometry as a dictionary. It’s possible to iterate through the group's dictionary and check if a Point or Primitive belongs to a group. The Script SOP and Model SOP allow for you to add/delete an element to/from the group, get the owner of the group, set or get a group name or thoroughly destroy a group.
  • Wave CHOP - Added support for .chanIndex and .sampleIndex
  • OpviewerCOMP_Class - opviewerCOMP.isViewable(path) - Tests for potential recursion to find out if an OP is acceptable for viewing.
  • ListAttribute_Class.sizeInPoints to control text size units (default False). When True size is in points, when False it is in pixels.
  • Body Class - Represents a body in a Bullet Solver simulation.
  • ActorCOMP Class.bodies - Returns the bodies within this operator.
  • BulletsolverCOMP Class.actors - Returns the Actors within this operator.
  • UI Class - ui.copyOPs(listOfOPs) ui.pasteOPs(COMP, x=None, y=None)
  • Added tdu.match( pattern, list, caseSensitive=True) -> List which returns a subset of the input list where each element matches the pattern. Wildcards are supported.
    • Example:

tdu.match('foo*', ['foo', 'bar']) # return ['foo'] tdu.match('b??', ['foo', 'bar']) # return ['bar']

  • Page Class Page.appendPar(name, par=Par)
    • Create a custom parameter matching the specified parameter as closely as possible.
    • Following members are copied: size, style, label, default, defaultExpr, min, max, clampMin, clampMax, normMin, normMax, enable, readOnly, password, menuNames, menuLabels, menuSource
    • These are *not* copied: value, expression, binding, order, styleCloneImmune, startSection
    • Example:

p = op('geo1').par.tx ; op('base1').customPages[0].appendPar(p.tupletName, par=p)

  • Added Python custom parameters and ability to evaluate them as PyObjects. Futhermore;
    • Custom Operators - Added ability to create Python paramemters. appendPython()
    • Custom Operators - Added ability to evaluate a Python parameter directly into a PyObject for use with Python's C API. getParPython().
  • Par.exportSource - Returns the object exporting to this parameter. For example Cell, Channel, or None.
  • Par.bindMaster - The object to which this parameter is bound to, possibly None.
  • Par.bindReferences - The list of objects which bind to this parameter, possibly empty.
  • math.ceil() and math.floor() now return ints for optimized expressions.
  • run() methods (Cell, OP, td) now include 'asParameter' keyword (default False). When set to true, the command is executed as though it were at the same location as a fromOP parameter.

New Palette[edit]

SDK and API Updates[edit]

  • Updated to ffmpeg 4.0
  • Updated to CUDA 9.2
  • Updated to NDI SDK 3.8
  • Updated to AJA SDK
  • Updated to OpenEXR 2.3.0 for Movie File In TOP.
  • Updated to Alembic 1.7.9 for Alembic SOP.
  • Updated to FBX 2019.0 for FBX COMP.
  • Updated to Ableton Link SDK 3.02
  • Updated to Substance Designer SDK 6.2.0 - support for 4K textures
  • Updated to Oculus SDK 1.31.0 for Oculus Rift.
  • Updated ZED SDK to 2.5.1
  • Upgraded RealSense TOP / RealSense CHOP Windows API version to (2016 R3). This removes support for the R200 when using this API, but adds support for Hand Cursor as well as stability improvements.
  • Added v4.0.0 Orion Leap Motion support (Windows only).
  • Windows installer now includes the latest CodeMeter Runtime 6.81

Bug Fixes and Improvements[edit]

COMPs - Components[edit]

3D Objects[edit]
  • Fixed broken perspective view using RMB to select it in 3D viewers.
  • Fixed guide point and tangent displays in 3D viewers on macOS.
  • Improved homing of viewers in cases using GPU Direct geometry.
  • Geometry COMP - Fixed crash that can occur when turning off Instancing.
  • FBX COMP / USD COMP - Added 7 new channels when an Info CHOP is pointing to it; initializing, ready, done, running, timer_fraction, timer_seconds, running_time.
  • List COMP improvements and additions.
    • Added new attribute rowStretch. Allows for vertically stretchable rows.
    • Now updates panel values dragroll/u/v.
    • Now supports dropping of parameters, text, channels.
    • Fixed crash in initialize function.
    • Fixed .setKeyboardFocus() not working until cell had been clicked initially.
  • Perform Window now unconstrained if pointing to Panel COMP that is set to unconstrained.
  • Added Optimized Expression support for panelCOMP.panel.<value>.val
  • Panel Alignment 'Max Per Line' now takes into consideration the widths and heights of all the children to work better with Fill Mode.
  • Panel repositioning now takes into account Children Scale properly and any other parent scaling settings(Fit to Grid, etc), and fixed panel repositioning when using display scaling in Windows.
  • Parameter help now shown for disabled parameters (alt+rollover parameter label).
  • Fixed issue with Select COMPs causing unncessary cooking.
  • Fixed issue with panels not staying with mouse while dragging/repositioning.
  • PanelCOMP.clickChild(N) now clicks the Nth visible panel child, not simply the Nth panel child.


  • Render TOP / Render Pass TOP - Re-organized parameters.
  • Render TOP - Added some warnings if alpha != 1.0 is detected but blending isn't enabled on the material.
  • Render TOP - Removed incorrect warning about blending and alpha when using a PBR MAT.
  • Texture 3D TOP - Fixed a crash that occurs when using R, RG or RGB pixel formats.
  • Movie File In TOP, Movie File Out TOP - Upgrade to Nvidia Video SDK 9.0.20. Driver 418.81 or higher is now required for hardware decoding and encoding
  • Movie File In TOP - Improved H.265 decoding performance.
  • Movie File In TOP - Fixed crash that can occur when failing to open a .exr file.
  • Movie File In TOP - Removed global CPU movie cache feature, it was generally not useful.
  • Movie File In TOP - Fixed pre-loading not working correctly.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Fixed audio output issues for ALAC and mp3.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Fixed some issues with incorrect frames being written when writing one frame at a time for images/sequences.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Fixed H264 and H265 movies saving out an extra frame.
  • Movie File Out TOP - Fixed 'Max Threads' not working correctly when trying to change it after a recording has been done.
  • Video Stream Out TOP - Applied hotfix to fix stack overflow vulnerability recently found in live555 library.
  • Video Device Out TOP - Added error if Blackmagic Driver 11.X is installed, which is incompatible with the SDK TouchDesigner currently uses. (Use latest 10.X drivers)
  • NDI In TOP - Switching to a fail-over source works better now.
  • NDI Out TOP / NDI Out TOP - Better audio behavior in general.
    • NDI Out TOP - Fixed audio not working when coming from some CHOP types. This previously gave a warning that the CHOP must be timesliced.
    • NDI Out TOP - Fixed a crash that can occur when sending audio in some cases.
    • NDI Out TOP - Better audio behavior when sending at low frame rates.
  • Text TOP - Adjust font spacing and layout to be more Unicode friendly.
  • Text TOP - Some tweaks to line breaking behavior for word-wrap.
  • Text TOP - Change 'Language' to 'Break Language' and make it a menu.
  • Text TOP - Fixed crash when referring to an outside Field Component.
  • Text TOP - Fixed unicode text sometimes being spaced incorrectly when using Polygon or Mipmapped Texture modes.
  • Text TOP - Fixed bug where text would not show up using Mipmapped Texture mode.
  • Text TOP - Fixed some vertical font alignment issues on macOS.
  • Text TOP - Added support for scalable fonts and mipmap texture fonts on macOS.
  • GLSL TOP - Renamed Compute Shader output from sTDComputeOutputs to mTDComputeOutputs. Old name continues to work for backwards compatibility.
  • GLSL TOP - Fixed bug where output would not be set to a 3D texture/2D Array if Depth was left as 'Input' but the input didn't have depth (or there wasn't an input).
  • GLSL TOP - Fixed bug where sometimes the uTD* uniforms wouldn't have correct values, uTDOutputInfo.res for example.
  • Web Render TOP - Fixed excessive CPU usage on macOS.
  • RealSense TOP - Fixed crash when using Windows SDK API.
  • TOP - Fixed Viewer Smoothness not working on non 2D Textures.

CHOPs - Channels[edit]

  • DAT to CHOP - Add default value parameter when values not specified in DAT.
  • SOP to CHOP / CHOP to SOP - Removed the 'Animated' method fom CHOP to SOP and SOP to CHOP.
  • TOP to CHOP - Fixed bug where connecting an input wouldn't always re-sample the image at the specified input UVs.
  • OSC In CHOP - Fixed delayed by one when non-queued and intermittent values sent.
  • OSC In CHOP - Now starts up with correct saved values when using non-queued mode.
  • OSC In CHOP - Fixed unwanted leading "/" in channel names.
  • DMX In CHOP / DMX Out CHOP - Removed restrictions from universes (prev. 0-15) to make it easer to work with external programs that only use a universe number.
  • Audio Stream Out CHOP - Fixed issue which caused audio loss after 35 minutes.
  • Expression CHOP - Added me.inputVal, me.chanIndex, me.sampleIndex to the Optimized Expression engine.
  • Noise CHOP - Added 'Offset' parameter to offset noise.
  • Timer CHOP - Fixed 'On Done' menu behaviour, as well as with cycling.
  • Timer CHOP's Cue and goTo() method now supported when 'Segment Method' is set to Parallel Timers.
  • Timer CHOP - Done pulse supports parallel mode. Fixed runningIndex in parallel mode with goTo().
  • Timer CHOP - Fixed locked to timeline output when speed is adjusted during playback.
  • Timer CHOP - Fixed missing ending when speed < 1.
  • Timer CHOP now responds to changes in the segment table (parallel or serial mode), by preserving total running index.
  • Sync In CHOP / Sync Out CHOP - Added local address parameter for using specific NIC.
  • Render Pick CHOP - Added queue parameters.
  • Parameter CHOP/Parameter DAT - Added drop-down menu for selecting the parameters.
  • Delete CHOP - Added 'Output Unique Samples' parameter to output only unique samples within a certain tolerance.
  • Beat CHOP no longer advances when timeline is paused (but 'power' is on and still cooking).
  • CHOP Export - Improvements made to avoid conflicts when copy and pasting.
  • Fixed .bchan files not loading correctly.


  • Noise SOP - Added 'Offset' parameter to offset noise.
  • Point SOP - Added support for many commonly used Python terms to the Optimized Expression engine for this SOP.
  • Point SOP - Fixed crash that can occur if the 2nd input doesn't have the same attributes as the first input and is referenced using one of the pointSOP Class members.
  • Text SOP - Added support for outputting open polygons.
  • Text SOP - Added support for extruding on macOS.
  • Text SOP - Changed 'Language' to 'Break Language' and make it a menu.
  • Copy SOP - Reorganized 'Attribute' page with popup menus.
  • Copy SOP - Fixed error that occurs in some cases when trying to stamp.
  • Copy SOP - Fixed excessive cooking that could sometimes occur when fetching stamp parameters.
  • Fixed saving and reloading of locked SOPs containing groups.
  • CPlusPlus SOP - Can now have more than 1 input.


  • GLSL MAT - Fixed crash that occurs when using 3D textures as a map.


  • CHOP Execute DAT - Will now execute earlier in the frame, trying to do their operations before other nodes that rely on their scripts cook.
  • Render Pick DAT - Allow Render Pick DAT to work without a 'select' column.
  • SOP to DAT - Added 'group' column that shows what groups (or points or primitives) a SOP is part of. The DAT to SOP can conversly now search for a 'group' column and properly assign groups to its geometry.
  • OP Find DAT improvements
    • Fixed output for non-default-only, when other fields are default
    • Fixed 'Combine Filters = Any' logic.
  • OP Find DAT - Fixed overcooking when target OP select state changed.
  • OP Find DAT - Fixed very long incremental searches when starting from root.
  • OP Find DAT - Fixed parameter matching being OR'd instead of always AND'd with each other.
  • Text DAT - Fixed cases where extra random characters were added to DATs when saving from an external editor.
  • Folder DAT - Fixed double // in paths when looking at the root of a drive such as C:, F: etc.
  • Substitute DAT - Fixed issues when using wildcard or unicode in this DAT's parameters.
  • CPlusPlus DAT - Can now have more than 1 input.
  • XML DAT working again.
  • DAT - Fixed DATs to allow inserting or appending its own columns/rows.
  • Fixed a memory leak when parent cooking was disabled that effected Error DAT/MIDI In DAT/MIDI Event DAT/TCP/IP DAT/UDP In DAT/UDP Out DAT/Serial DAT


  • CrashAutoSave.toe is now suffixed with the project's filename.
  • Changed default preference for filename increment to be "On and Save to Backup Folder".
  • Root component is now a Base COMP, previously a Null COMP.
  • TUIK has been removed from the Palette. RIP TUIK, thank you for your service.
  • Custom Operators - Adding a /Plugins directory next to the .toe file that will also be searched for custom operators. This allows projects to move more easily between machines that do not have the custom OPs installed, and helps manage project-based custom OPs more easily for deployment.
  • Initialize CUDA for any C++/Custom OP, just in case it ends up using it internally.
  • CPlusPlus TOP / CPlusPlus CHOP / CPlusPlus SOP / CPlusPlus DAT - cookCount added as available data to the OP_*Input classes.
  • Bound parameters now respect their local ranges, even if bound to an out-of-range master value.
  • Binding - Pulse parameters can now be directly linked through Binding.
  • Faster file saving when saving with Dongle Privacy.
  • Private .toe file access expanded.
    • External Component inside private .toe can now be saved without the component becoming private.
    • Toe file can be saved by python script (privacy maintained).
  • OP Snippets updated. You can also right-click on an OP (in the network or in the OP Create Dialog) and get to its OP Snippet from the popup menu.
  • In/Out operators ordering from top to bottom on the outside of the component can now controlled by a parameter.
  • Allow multiple instances of TouchDesigner to run at the same time on macOS.
  • Allow dragging/dropping of string parameters onto each other.

  • Fixed a bug where fetched list attributes were not initializing until first render.
  • Fixed issue where Windows Drag-Drop broke outside TouchDesigner in some cases.
  • Fixed missing color picker grid in the popup color dialog.
  • Fixed Shift+Escape being lost in some cases resulting in getting stuck in Perform Mode.
  • Fixed case where first ASIO device on Windows 10 systems were being skipped.
  • Fixed intermittent crash when launching external editor on DAT.
  • Fixed some cases where op() expressions would evaluate to old results.
  • Fixed orphaned replicants when cutting and pasting replicators and changing size in the same frame.
  • Fixed loading issues with dynamic or custom menus that were evaluating expressions.
  • Fixed empty space color around panels viewed in a pane.
  • Fixed broken cube map transformation.
  • Fixed loading of .csv files ending with a sequence of commas.
  • Fixed crash when trying to load external .tox files.
  • Fixed issue where Custom OP parameter dialogs sometimes load empty or unresponsive.
  • Fixed a number of geometry file type associations on macOS.
  • Fixed bug with cached parameters when placing OPs.
  • Fixed read-only parameters updating in parameter dialog when set via python.
  • Fixed expressions referencing iop. or parent. shortcuts not updating properly.
  • Fixed setting of string parameters when multiple OPs selected.
  • Fixed perform window size when panel set to 'Size From Window'.
  • Fixed 'Reset Parameter' bug causing lost unused string expressions on save (ie. parameter was in Expr or Export mode).
  • Fixed TD*Noise() and TDRotate* not working in geometry shaders.
  • Fixed oversized 3D viewer axis characters.
  • Fixed cursor updating so you no longer have to leave the panel and re-enter for it to update.
  • Fixed GPU usage showing far higher usage than actually occuring.
  • Fixed common crash that occurs when changing SOPs and navigating around networks.
  • Fixed opening/closing/duplicating pane crash.
  • Fixed some cases of dragging windows loosing focus and not dragging on macOS.
  • Value ladders, rollover tips, menus now drawn properly in panels without distortion or duplicates.
  • Standardizing older parameter pages with sub-pages to not use sub-pages.
  • Improved behavior for floating dialogs so application shortcuts are not respected (undo, save, etc).
  • Improved handling of CHOP Exports when copy and pasting.
  • Improved handling of relative paths when using 'Collapse Selected' option to encapsulate OPs into a new component.
  • Fixed crashes during startup on macOS 10.11 versions. Please use 10.14.3 or higher if using 10.14 Mojave.

Palette Improvements[edit]

  • Palette:kantanMapper - Improvements
  • Palette:moviePlayer - Improvements
    • Added option to enable/disable roller wheel zoom and mouse left/middle click/drag pan/zoom controls.
    • Added 'Go Back to Previous Movie' pulse button parameter.
    • Added extension functions so you can open a movie at a specific time (seconds) or cue number, and optionally play/pause

GoToMovieFile(mvfilepath, time=None, play=-1) GoToMvSpec(mvspec, cue=None, time=None, play=-1, selectcue=-1)

    • Added function to get properties of movie secretly: GetMovieProperties(filepath)
    • movieEngine - Click/drag on image to scrub. Shift click/drag to scrub and pause. Middle click to pause/play.
    • You can zoom into the movie image using (like in the network editor) the roller wheel, and left and middle buttons to pan/zoom. Zooming up-close, the pixels become discrete squares, and their values are displayed at the bottom right. Roller wheel zoom is off by default.
    • Control Panel Always On - on by default now.
    • Contents can adapt to any compoennt size.
    • Specify height of each control strip.
    • Movie can be behind or above controls.
    • Can now output mvspec.tox for later use with a moviePlayer in another process.
  • Presets - Bug fixes and the folowing additions
    • Fixes:
      • Update pulse not working on Presets Component
      • Delete pulse not working on Presets Component
      • Controls list container delete preset button width stretched
      • Settings/bankParSettings initial rollover error from trying to access None type - caused by not yet stored previous values.
      • Blend enabled for Presetblendtime par in parent in init when PresetsComp reinitialized after previously being initialized (these pars should be filtered so not to appear in the settings list)
    • 'Updates:
      • Pulse parameters disabled by default
      • Created internal preset values DAT inspector.
      • Added functionality for updating all presets in all banks when a parameter is added, removed or renamed on the target component. A confirm update dialog is created when a change is recognized. Also a pulse button has been added to the Setup page to manually update all presets with new or changed parameters. This is useful if a default value (other than the TD default value for the parameter type) for the new parameter for all the updated presets is wanted to be set. The workflow is as follows:
      • Added new parameter(s)
      • When confirm dialog opens and asks to update all presets, press cancel
      • Set the value of the parameter
      • Press Update All Presets button on Setup page and confirm.
      • Now all previously stored presets will have the desired value(s) set in the new parameters.

disable both recall and blend of parameters with expressions by default on store of preset with expression in parameter filter target components "presets parameters" in settings list so they are not viewable or editable.

  • Palette:probe component enhancements.
    • Cook times of nodes that haven't cooked recently are better-reported.
    • Can use mouse wheel to zoom large networks (but not go between networks yet).
  • Palette:camSchnappr bug fixes and improvements.
    • Autoblend fixed.
    • Autoblend can now be shown in preview output whereas previously the mask was not applied to this output.
    • Added additional parameters for the Autoblend feature to control the blend curve via RGB gamma/luminance based on Paul Bourke's Edge Blending article from

Backwards Compatibility[edit]

  • BACKWARDS COMPABITILITY WARNING - GLSL TOP, GLSL MAT - GLSL 1.20 has be deprecated on Windows (never been supported on macOS). Please upgrade GLSL shaders to 3.30 or later for compatibility with future release branches.
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY WARNING - For CPlusPlus nodes, matrices are now returned in column major (vector on the right) convention to be more consistent with other code such as GLSL and tdu.Matrix classes.
  • BACKWARDS COMPAITIBLITY WARNING - Evaluate DAT - The behavior of 'Convert Backslash Characters' has been streamlined, and only affects \\ \t \n and \r sequences. Furthermore, it will not strip quotes as it did previously.
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY ISSUE - Lag CHOP now uses the correct units for acceleration clamping.
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY ISSUE - GLSL TOP binding/size parameters on the Atomic Counters page has been replaced with a uniform name parameter.
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY WARNING - Par.cloneImmune renamed to Par.styleCloneImmune, update any scripts that may have relied on this.
  • BACKWARDS COMPABITILITY WARNING - DATs named /start and /stream/start will not longer execute on file start. Use the Execute DAT instead.
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY WARNING - 'Use Startup File' .toe file preferences need to be reset.