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=== New Python ===
=== New Python ===
* [[Network Editor]].x .y .zoom, [[Pane Class]].topRight .bottomLeft, expressions all update on changes
* [[Network Editor Class|Network Editor]].x .y .zoom, [[Pane Class|Pane]].topRight .bottomLeft, expressions all update on changes

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Official Build 2018.26750 - Oct 23, 2018[edit]

New Features[edit]

New Palette[edit]

New Python[edit]

Bug Fixes and Improvements[edit]

  • Video Stream Out TOP - Applied hotfix to fix stack overflow vulnerability recently found in live555 library.
  • Fixed cases of .width/.height not updating.

Backwards Compatibility[edit]


A built-in panel in TouchDesigner that contains a library of components and media that can be dragged-dropped into a TouchDesigner network.