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ProjectorBlend is a tool to smoothly blend projector arrays based on the ofxProjectorBlend add-on by Jeffrey Crouse (ofxProjectorBlend on GitHub)

On a technical level it incorporates Paul Bourkes Edge blending using commodity projectors paper.

See also Vioso, Scalable Displays, kantanMapper, camSchnappr, projectorBlend


ProjectorBlend will take any input and stretch it to the projector array size. The output is blended but - depending on your hardware setup - might need to be rearranged for output to the projectors.

The parameters on the Projector Blend page are used for setting up a general environment, how many projectors are being used and what each projectors resolution is (all projectors need to be the same resolution). Also an overall blankout area around the projection can be specified.

Separate parameters per projector can be set on the Projector Parameter pages. Here the blend-area can be specified as well as the parameters dictating the blends general behavior. If necessary there is the option to switch to a "per side control" which enables non-straight blending areas and separate color control of each projector edge.

Parameters - Projector Blend Page[edit]

Projector Array Projectorarray1 / Projectorarray2 - Specify the size of your projector array in x and y. A 1x2 array would mean you have 2 projectors aligned vertically. Changing this parameter will add or remove additional parameter pages for all projectors.

Projector Resolution Projectorres1 / Projectorres2 - Specify the individual projector resolution in pixels.

Blankout Edges Blankout1 / Blankout2 / Blankout3 / Blankout4 - Specify the size of the blank-out on all sides of the projection area in pixels.

Solid Edge Solidedge - Draws the blend area as a solid color.

Solid Edge Color Solidedgecolorr / Solidedgecolorg / Solidedgecolorb - Specify the Solid Edge Color.

Parameters - Projector[1-x] Page[edit]

Blankout Projector[1-x]blankout1 / Projector[1-x]blankout2 / Projector[1-x]blankout3 / Projector[1-x]blankout4 - Specify the Left, Right, Bottom and Top blank-out area of the projector in pixels.

Overlap Projector[1-x]overlap1 / Projector[1-x]overlap2 / Projector[1-x]overlap3 / Projector[1-x]overlap4 - Specify the Left, Right, Bottom and Top blend area of the projector in pixels.

Blend Projector[1-x]blend - Adjust the blend stength.

Luminance Projector[1-x]luminance - Adjust the luminance of the blend area.

Gamma Projector[1-x]gamma1 / Projector[1-x]gamma2 / Projector[1-x]gamma3 - Adjust the RGB gamma levels of the blend area.

Hue Adjust RGB Projector[1-x]hue1 / Projector[1-x]hue2 / Projector[1-x]hue3 - Adjust the hue of the projector.

Saturation Adjust RGB Projector[1-x]sat1 / Projector[1-x]sat2 / Projector[1-x]sat3 - Adjust the saturation of the projector.

Value Adjust RGB Projector[1-x]val1 / Projector[1-x]val2 / Projector[1-x]val3 - Adjust the value of the projector.

Per Side Control Projector[1-x]perside - Enable separate blending controls for individual projector sides.

Blankout Left / Right / Top / Bottom Projector[1-x]pos[0-3]c01 / Projector[1-x]pos[0-3]c02 - Set the size of the blank-out area per projector side. There are 2 parameters you can adjust for not fully horizontal or vertical blending areas.

Overlap Left / Right / Top / Bottom Projector[1-x]pos[0-3]c11 / Projector[1-x]pos[0-3]c12 - Set the size of the blend area per projector side. There are 2 parameters you can adjust for not fully horizontal or vertical blending areas.

Blend Left / Right / Top / Bottom Projector[1-x]blends[0-3] - Adjust the blend strength per projector side.

Luminance Left / Right / Top / Bottom Projector[1-x]luminance[0-3] - Adjust the luminance level of the blend area per projector side.

Gamma Left / Right / Top / Bottom Projector[1-x]gammas[0-3]1 / Projector[1-x]gammas[0-3]2 / Projector[1-x]gammas[0-3]3 - Adjust the RGB gamma levels of the blend area per projector side.

Creating Blend Masks for single Projectors[edit]

If it is desired to just create blending masks which can be multiplied with single parts of the output to projectors, set the Projector Array parameter to 1x1 and enable the Per Side Control parameter on the Projector1 page.

This will allow to set each side of the blend mask individually. The output can be saved or locked to prevent any further cooking of the projectorBlend component.

The width and height of an image in pixels. Most TOPs, like the Movie File In TOP can set the image resolution. See Aspect Ratio for the width/height ratio of an image, taking into account non-square pixels.