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The TDVR system is a set of components that together form a toolkit for working with Virtual Reality devices like the Oculus Rift, VIVE and Open VR compliant devices.

Look in the Palette menu for the TDVR folder. To get started quickly there are a complete preset environment for either Oculus Rift called TDVR_Oculus or for VIVE and Open VR systems called TDVR_Vive. To get started please read this PDF VR Userguide.

Link to PDF file is coming soon.

A built-in panel in TouchDesigner that contains a library of components and media that can be dragged-dropped into a TouchDesigner network.

Unlike a Wire that connects nodes in the same Operator Family, a Link is the dashed lines between nodes that represent other data flowing between nodes, like CHOP Exports, node paths in parameters, and expressions in parameters referencing CHOP channels, DAT tables and other nodes.