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Differences with TouchDesigner on macOS

  • In most cases where one would use the "ctrl" modifier key on Windows, macOS uses the "cmd" key.
  • Common main menu items and macOS system wide shortcuts are respected where possible. For example, the location and keyboard shortcut for TouchDesigner Preferences... is 'macOS-like'.
  • The scroll wheel actions are inverted compared to Windows (by default), but this can be set in macOS with System Preferences > Mouse > Scroll Direction: Natural
  • TouchPlayer is distributed using a separate installer on macOS. Scroll down after following this link Download macOS TouchPlayer
  • CodeMeter Runtime for USB Licensing Dongles is a separate installer on macOS. Download it here Download macOS CodeMeter
  • You can run multiple builds of TouchDesigner easily on macOS by simply putting the TouchDesigner application in a different folder or by renaming the file (so it doesn't overwrite the existing build).

Limitations and Known Issues

  • Operators not functioning yet but in the works.
    • Shared Mem OPs
    • SVG TOP
    • Web Render TOP
  • Text TOP - Only renders text in Bitmap mode for now.
  • Line Width parameter in Materials (MATs) has no effect.
  • DMX Out CHOP - ENTTEC USB Pro not connecting automatically. For now work around is entering this command in the Terminal.
sudo kextunload -b
  • Multiple Instances - You can only launch 1 TouchDesigner process at a time.
    • You can launch a second TD process from inside a TD process using ui.viewFile() from the UI Class.

  • Geometry COMP - Texture Instancing is not currently supported by Apple's OpenGL drivers.
  • 3D Viewers and SOP Modeler
    • Selection of geometry not working
    • SOP Modeler not working yet
  • Palette
    • SymbolPicker doesn't render
  • Operators that are not supported on macOS.
    • Kinect OPs
    • RealSense OPs
    • DirectX TOPs
    • Oculus Rift OPs
    • OpenVR OPs
    • Scalable Display TOP
    • NatNet CHOP

Crash logs

You can find the crash reports via ​Applications->Utilities->Console. The Crash reports will be under User Reports and named TouchDesigner099_date-xxx.crash.