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TouchDesigner on the Go

If you want to take TouchDesigner anywhere you go, a dongle license option is available for the ultimate in mobility and convenience. Purchasing a dongle will let you put one of the licenses in your account onto a secure USB licensing dongle. The key installed on the dongle will automatically key TouchDesigner on any computer that the dongle is plugged into (assuming the CodeMeter Runtime is installed on the computer).

Educational, Commercial, or Pro licences can be transferred onto a dongle.

Buy a dongle for an existing TouchDesigner license, or with new licenses.

Using a Dongle

Windows Codemeter Install

  • When installing TouchDesigner, the first dialog of the installer will have an option for "Install Runtime for Dongle Licensing", make sure this is checked on. Proceed with the installation. You can alternatively download the dongle runtime from here Codemeter Download


macOS Codemeter Install

  • Download and install the Codemeter Control Center from here:

Codemeter Download

Using the Dongle

  • Plug the dongle into a USB port on the computer.
  • TouchDesigner will now use whatever license type is installed oo the dongle (ie Commercial or Pro etc).

NOTE: If there were other keys previously installed on the computer through the Key Manager, TouchDesigner will use the highest available key type from either the installed keys or the dongle. You can disable all the installed keys using the Key Manager if they are no longer needed when using a dongle.

Purchasing a Dongle

  • Purchase a License Dongle from the Store.
  • Derivative will contact you to select a license from your account to be transferred to the dongle.
  • Derivative will confirm shipping address and send the dongle via International Priority and provide a tracking number.

Important Considerations

  • Dongles will only work for the version of TouchDesigner they were keyed for. To upgrade TouchDesigner versions, please contact us.
  • Licenses on dongles that are lost or stolen can not be recovered. You will need to purchase a new license to replace the lost one.
  • Licenses transferred to a dongle are no longer available for use through Derivative's online key management system. If you decide you no longer want to use the dongle, you can follow Derivative's procedure to remove license from the dongle and it will become active again in your Derivative account online. Please contact us for details.

Advantages of Using a Dongle

  • Take your TouchDesigner key with you wherever you go, plug it into any computer running TouchDesigner and be instantly keyed.
  • If a machine is licensed with a Player license, plugging in a Designer dongle will enable network editor without needing to shutdown/restart the file. When the dongle is unplugged the machine will return back to being licensed as a Player.
  • Save time in a multi-computer environment or studio. Simplify the process of moving around to other computers.
  • Useful in situations with no internet access. Creating/Moving keys via the Key Manager requires an online connection which very often is not guaranteed during installations and working in the field. Using a licensing dongle you don't have to worry about it.
  • Convenience when delivering finished systems to clients. The license required to run TouchDesigner for client projects can be included on a dongle. This will make it easier for the client to keep the license, and they won't need their own Derivative account. Additionally, they will not need to re-key if they change hardware making it a better turnkey solution.
  • Easier when the time comes to repair or replace hardware, creating new keys is not required when using a dongle.

Technical Notes

Derivative uses WIBU-Systems CodeMeter technology for licensing dongles.