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The License class describes a single instance of an installed license. They can be accessed from the licenses object.


License.isEnabledbool (Read Only):

True if the license is locally enabled (That is, it has never been disabled).

License.isRemotelyDisabledbool (Read Only):

True if the license has been remotely disabled.

License.keystr (Read Only):

The key sequence.

License.remoteDisableDatetuple(year, month, date) (Read Only):

The date the license was remotely disabled, expressed as a tuple (year, month, day).

License.statusint (Read Only):

The numeric status code. Negative values indicate the license is not applicable to the current application. A value of zero indicates it does.

License.statusMessagestr (Read Only):

A description of the status code.

License.systemCodestr (Read Only):

The system code associated with this license.

License.typestr (Read Only):

The license type, e.g. some products being 'Pro', 'Non-Commercial', 'Commercial'. See also app.product in App Class

License.updateExpiryDatetuple(year, month, day) (Read Only):

The date updates for this license expires, expressed as a tuple (year, month, day).

License.versionint (Read Only):

The numeric license version.

License.indexint (Read Only):

The license index in the list.


No operator specific methods.