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How to install TouchDesigner[edit]


  • Download the latest version of TouchDesigner from here


  • Double-click the TouchDesigner099.xxxx.xxxxx.64-Bit.exe file and follow the instruction on the installer dialog. Please make sure you are installing from an Administrator account.


  • Double- click the TouchDesigner099.xxxx.xxxxx.dmg file and then drag the TouchDesigner icon to your Applications folder.


  • When opening TouchDesigner099 for the first time, the Key Manager Dialog will guide through the process of installing a license.

Installer Options[edit]

  1. You can make TouchPlayer the default application associated with TouchDesigner files by choosing "Custom install and TouchPlayer options" and selecting "Make Default for .toe files" on the following page.
  2. You can choose to "Install Runtime for Dongle Licensing" if you are planning to use TouchDesigner with a License Dongle

Problems during Installation on Windows based Systems[edit]

Installer exits during installation[edit]

When the Installer exits during Installation without giving a sufficient reason, start a Windows Command Prompt window with Administrator privileges and run:

"C:\MyFolder\TouchDesigner0xx.xxxxx.xx-Bit.exe" /L*V "example.log"

Send the resulting log file as a zip or link to Derivative Support

Installer can't continue because of insufficient access rights to folder[edit]

This behaviour can happen during the de-installation phase of a previously installed version. The best way around this is to restart your computer and start the installation process again.

Installer can't remove previous installed TouchDesigner version[edit]

In some cases the Installer will quit because it was not able to uninstall a previously installed TouchDesigner version.

Follow the instructions on the Microsoft Article here. This solution is now available for all Windows versions TouchDesigner is supporting.

Alternatively Geekuninstaller, available free from here, has had good results when trying to resolve install and uninstall related problems.

If the error is persistent, try re-installing the previously installed version of TouchDesigner, remove it via the Windows "Apps & features" Dialog and try installing the new version again.

Problems after Installation[edit]

Installing missing libraries for Windows N and Windows KN distributions[edit]

Windows N and Windows KN versions are made for the European and Korean market and do to antitrust regulations do not include Windows Media Player which parts of are required to run TouchDesigner.

You can download and install the missing features for

An unexpected licensing error has occurred[edit]

In some cases starting TouchDesigner will fail with a License Retrieval Error. The content of the error message will look similar to this:

License Retrieval Error

Best success with resolving this has been rebuilding the wmi repository.

Please be advised though that deleting and rebuilding the repository can cause damage to the system or to installed applications.

Open a Command Prompt with Administrative Rights and run:

winmgmt /resetrepository

Problems during Uninstall[edit]

Installer exits during Uninstall without error[edit]

When this happen, best practice has been to restart the computer to free up any possible locks on the folder. Most commonly after a restart the remaining files will have been removed and a fresh install can be started.