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The geometry viewer is for viewing and manipulating 3D scenes and 3D objects. It has its own lighting for viewing your 3D scene that is separate from the the light objects you create.

TIP: To duplicate the default lighting in a geometry viewer, create two Light COMP objects. Translate one to (30, 30, 100) and set its Light Color to (0.9, 0.9, 0.9). Translate the other to (-100, 0, 30) and set its Light Color to (0.3, 0.3, 0.3).


In Node Viewers[edit]

Node Viewers of 3D object type Components and SOPs are also geometry viewers. These geometry viewers do not include all the toolbars of a Geometry Viewer in a pane, however you can access many viewer options using the right-click menu over the viewer while in Viewer Active mode.

Geometry Component.jpg

In Panes[edit]

Any Pane can be set to Geometry Viewer using the pane type menu or by using the shortcut alt+3.

Pane Type Menu Geo Viewer.jpg

Geometry Viewer.png

Using the Geometry Viewer Pane[edit]

Camera and Geometry Picking


  • Camera - MenuCamera.png - Select any camera to view the scene through. You can also manually type in teh path to the desire camera in the field to the right.
  • Lock Camera - MenuLock.png - When this lock button is on, the position of the camera being viewed through is locked to the view in the viewer. So tumbling, zooming, or repositioning the view will update the camera's position to keep in sync with the view.
  • Save View to - MenuSaveViewto.png - This takes the current view in the viewer and saves it out to whichever camera is selected from the menu. This updates the camera's position so it is in sync with the current view.
  • Pick - MenuPick.png - This menu lets you select any Object Component in the scene. The field to the right can be used for Pattern Matching to select multiple objects quickly.

Viewer States


The Geometry Viewer state bar lets you switch viewer states. Click one of the buttons to switch states, or hold down the state's keyboard shortcut for temporarily switching states. For example, if working in View state, you can temporarily go into Select & Transform state by holding down the "s" key. While holding "s" key, select or transform some geometry, then release the key and you will be back in View state.

  • View - StateMove.png - Tumble, pan, and zoom throughout 3D space.
  • Select & Transform - StateSelect.png - Select and transform geometry.
  • Construction Plane - StateCplane.png - Display and position the construction plane
  • Bones - StateBone.png - Create bones.

Viewer Tools


  • Display Options - OptionsDisplayOptions.png - Opens the Display Options dialog.
  • Home Button - OptionsHome.png - Homes the view to one of the following views; Front, Right, Top, Y-axis, or X-axis.
  • Camera Perspective - OptionsPerspective.png - Switches the view between perspective and orthographic cameras.
  • Construction Plane - StateCplane.png - When in Construction Plane state toggle the view of the Construction Plane on and off.
  • Shading Options - OptionsShading.png - Switch geometry display between wireframe or shaded modes.
  • Selected Geo Info - OptionsSelectedInfo.png - Displays information for the selected geometry.
  • Viewport Options - OptionsView.png - Select from different viewport layouts.
  • Snapshot - OptionsSnapshot.png - Click with the LMB to take a snapshot of the viewport. Click with the RMB to open snapshot options.
  • Background TOP - OptionsBGTOP.png - Enter the path to a TOP to load an image in the background of the viewport.
  • Background Scale - OptionsScale.png - Adjust the scale of the image loaded in the Background TOP.
  • Snap Options - OptionsSnap.png - Ajusts the viewport's snap options and priority.

Geometry View State Options[edit]

Right-click on the viewer (must be in View state if using the Geometry Viewer in a pane).

Right-clicking brings up the option menu

  • Display Options - opens a dialog of display options for the geometry viewer. Here you can turn on/off the display of points, normals, uv coordinates etc.
  • Home All - resets the view's orientation down the z-axis and ensures the view includes all geometry.
  • Home Selected - resets the view's orientation down the z-axis and ensures the view includes all selected geometry.
  • Frame All - moves the view to include all geometry without changing the view's orientation.
  • Frame Selected - moves the view to include all selected geometry without changing the view's orientation.
  • Frame C-Plane - moves the view to include the construction plane without changing the view's orientation.
  • Toggle Shaded/Wireframe - toggles the rendering of geometry between shaded and wireframe.
  • Toggle Ortho/Perspective - toggles the view between orthographic view and perspective view.
  • Select Viewport -
  • Perspective Viewport - changes the viewport to a perspective view.
  • Top Viewport - changes the viewport to a top view.
  • Front Viewport - changes the viewport to a front view.
  • Right Viewport - changes the viewport to a side view.