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FFmpeg is a software library for reading and writing a wide range of image, movie and audio files.

FFMPEG is used by the Movie File In TOP and the Movie Out TOP as well as other audio and video reading/writing nodes.

Use of FFmpeg

Usage of FFmpeg is granted by the LGPL version 3 license, available for viewing here, as well as in the Touch folder in TouchDesigner's installation directory.

Source Code

Builds of TouchDesigner099 2016.4180 and later

The source is the modified ffmpeg source from the release/3.1 branch. It can be downloaded from here. The branch is release/3.1.Derivative. The exact commit hash is 650671b908.

Builds of TouchDesigner099 2016.4160 and earlier

The source is the unmodified ffmpeg source from the release/2.8 branch, commit hash 913c642c21. You can get the source here.

More information about this library can be found at the FFmpeg website. Template:LicenseSummary