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"Exporting" in TouchDesigner means sending data from a CHOP channel to a parameter. Exporting channels from CHOPs and/or data from DATs allow you to override parameter values of any operator.

CHOP Exporting[edit]

The values in a CHOP channel can be sent to a parameter of any operator. See CHOP Export, also referred to as Channel Exporting.

Here's how: Make the CHOP Viewer Active. Click and drag the channel to the node you want to export to - after a moment the node will become current and its parameter box will open. Continue to drag to the parameter you want and release. Select 'Export CHOP' from the small menu that pops-up.

A CHOP's exporting can be toggled on and off using the CHOP's Export Flag. Exported data connections are displayed in the network by a gray-dotted data link. An arrowhead shows the direction of data flow, and is animated when cooking to inform you of activity.

DAT Exporting[edit]

When exporting from DATs, the data (character, string, or number) is sent to an operator's parameter. See DAT Export. Both CHOP and DAT Exporting lets you export to parameters that are number values, flags or menus. However DAT exporting also supports exporting to parameters that are text strings, like the text string in a Text TOP, or a path in a Select TOP.

Exporting Files from TouchDesigner[edit]

Exporting TouchDesigner data to files and other applications is discussed on the File Types page.

Examples of Exporting from CHOPs and DATs[edit]

This file demonstrates the different methods of exporting data from CHOPs and DATs to parameters in TouchDesigner: File:Export examples.tox

An Operator Family which operate on Channels (a series of numbers) which are used for animation, audio, mathematics, simulation, logic, UI construction, and many other applications.

Exporting is the connection of CHOP channels to parameters of operators. The output of each exporting CHOP is one or more channels, active only while the CHOP Viewer is on. The current value of a channel can be exported to a parameter of any operator, overriding that parameter's value. See Parameter.

An Operator Family that manipulates text strings: multi-line text or tables. Multi-line text is often a command Script, but can be any multi-line text. Tables are rows and columns of cells, each containing a text string.

An Operator Family that creates, composites and modifies images, and reads/writes images and movies to/from files and the network. TOPs run on the graphics card's GPU.