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|Title=Parameter Mode
|Short=Every Parameter can be in one of four modes: Constant Mode, [[Expression]] Mode, [[Export]] Mode or Bind ([[Binding]]) Mode.
Every [[Parameter]] can be in one of four modes: Constant Mode, [[Expression]] Mode, [[Export]] Mode or Bind ([[Binding]]) Mode.
Move the cursor over any parameter and press the + that appears. It exposes a new line where you can quickly switch the parameter mode:
* Constant value (grey box)
* Expression (blue box)
* Export (green box)
* Bind (purple box)
Every parameter holds a constant value and an (optional) expression. The parameter can save different values in both modes and the mode can changed between constant or expression at any time. 
Export mode can only be selected if there is already an [[Export]] to the parameter.  When an export is created to a parameter, the mode will be automatically set to export.  After this export connection has been made, the parameter can be set to constant or expression and back to export at any time.  This can be a helpful way to temporarily break an export connection when developing or debuging (ie. switch to constant mode and test specific values).
See [[Binding]].
See [[Parameter Dialog#Working with Parameter Modes|Working with Parameter Modes]] in the Parameters Dialog for more details.
To change Parameter Mode using python, see <code>mode</code> member of [[image:PythonIcon.png|20px]] [[Par Class]].

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