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TouchDesigner supports AJA devices in both the Video Device In TOP and the Video Device Out TOP. Aja vs logo.png Io4K.png

As of the writing of this article, the devices that have been tested in house are the Corvid88, the Kona 4, the Kona 3G and the iO 4K. Other device will likely work as well. If any do not please contact support@derivative.ca and we can try to get one in-house to fix any issues.

GPU Direct For Video Support[edit]

Support for GPU Direct For Video as been added for AJA devices. This feature only works in conjunction with new Nvidia Quadro cards. When this feature is available the latency for AJA cards is greatly lowered. From in-house testing the latency is approx 1-2 frames on output and 1-2 frames on input.

The Graphics Processing Unit. This is the high-speed, many-core processor of the graphics card/chip that takes geometry, images and data from the CPU and creates images and processed data.