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Make sure you've read through Write a CPlusPlus Plugin first for general information about writing a plugin for a CPlusPlus TOP.

The CPlusPlus TOP allows you to write C++ code to create a TOP that can output multiple textures. Currently you can create your output by filling a CPU memory buffer (TOP_ExecuteMode::CPUMem) or by filling a cudaArray buffer (TOP_ExecuteMode::CUDA).

Most of the documentation is held in the header files for the C++ API. The samples also contain a lot of comments about the workflow.


The CPlusPlus TOP can be used with CUDA. See the CudaTOP example project included with the TouchDesigner installation for an example. Note that any CUDA operations that occur in your C++ code must occur on the main thread, between calls to OP_Context::beginCUDAOperations() and OP_Context::endCUDAOperations().

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