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TouchDesigner and TouchPlayer licenses include updates for 1 year from date of purchase. During this period you can update to any new build of TouchDesigner (eg. 2018.20000, 2019.10000, etc). This includes newer versions of TouchDesigner, so licenses bought for 088 will work with 099 if the 099 build was created within the license's update date period. After this period is up, you can continue to use the build you already enjoyed (forever!), but to get access to newer builds you need to purchase another year of updates from the Store.

Quick Summary[edit]

  • Version numbers (088, 099…) are no longer used for updates. We are using year.build (e.g. 2019.12000).
  • As before, licenses never expire. A build that works with a license will work forever.
  • Each license purchased comes with 1 year of updates. Any build that comes out within that year will work with that license.
  • After that year of updates is over, all builds made before that date will continue to work. However, newer builds will not work with that license. At this point when you want to use a newer build of TouchDesigner with that license you must purchase a year of updates.
  • For a year of updates, the price per license is
    • Commercial $300
    • Pro $400
    • Educational $150
    • TouchPlayer Commercial $150
    • TouchPlayer Pro $300

Steps to Update License[edit]

Purchase updates from the Store. Be sure to select a year of updates for the proper license type; Educational, Commercial, or Pro.

  • If you are updating from 088 to 099 you will need to first disable your key using 088 before downloading 099 and performing the following steps.

1 - Login to your Derivative Member Profile and go to the Keys tab.


2 - Note the update date in the list of licenses. Any TouchDesigner build (eg. 2018.40000, 2019.10000, etc) that was posted before that date will work with this license.

  • Example: The above license will work with any build of TouchDesigner from Oct 6 2016 or earlier. If the build is created after this date, (eg. built on Oct 31 2016) then an update is required to use this license.

3 - If you do not have an update to use in your account, a Purchase Updates cart will be displayed to purchase an update.

When you have updates available in your account, the Updates Available will be shown in the upper-right title area for that license type as shown below.

The below image shows 1 Pro update available and both license's update date are in the past.

Shows 1 Pro update available, both licenses update date has past

4 - To update a license, use the [Update] button beside the license to add 1 year of updates to it.

  • If the update date was in the past, 1 year will be added to today's date.
  • If the update date has not past yet, the update date is extended by 1 year.

5 - Inside TouchDesigner's Key Manager, disable your key that was out of date and create a new key with the new Update Date.


Q: How do I know when I can get new builds until?

A: Your licenses will now feature an "Update date”. You can use any TouchDesigner build/version compiled before this date. The update date is displayed in your Member Profile under the Keys tab, and in the Key Manager Dialog.

Q: When do I need to buy an update?

A: If you want to use a build created after the update date of your license, you need to purchase a year of updates for that license.

Q: Where can I get updates for my license?

A: Please purchase updates from the Store.

Q: How do I update a license?

A: If you have purchased an update you can apply it to a license in your Derivative Member Profile under the Keys tab.

Q: Will my license stop working if I don’t purchase updates?

A: If you do not purchase updates you can continue to use your license with the last build valid before your license’s update date. You can use this build forever.

Q: What if I don’t update my license right away?

A: You do not need to purchase updates immediately. When you buy another year of updates, 1 year will be added to your license’s update date from the day you choose to apply it to your license. You can choose which license to apply your updates to in your Member Profile page. You do not need to 'catch up' on updates. Even if you haven't purchased an update for 3 years, a single update will give you 1 new year of updates from the date of purchase onward.

Q: What about my dongles?

A: First purchase and apply the update to the license your dongle is loaded on using the same process as a regular license. Then using the CodeMeter Control Panel press the 'License Update' button and create a request to extend an existing license for your dongle, for Derivative. Send the the resulting file to sales@derivative.ca and we'll send you back an update file to be applied to the dongle. Your dongle will work with both 088 and 099 after this process.

Q: Will we keep using version numbers?

A: We updated the version to 099 because this represented a major update milestone for TouchDesigner. Going forward we want to keep building TouchDesigner as rapidly as possible without the distraction of versions, however major architectural changes might prompt a version number change in the future.

A custom interactive control panel built within TouchDesigner. Panels are created using Panel Components whose look is created entirely with TOPs.