TouchEngine For Unreal Engine Plugin

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The TouchEngine For UE Plugin is built around the TouchEngine API.

It allows Unreal Engine users and developers to load TouchDesigner .tox files, process them, and pass data back and forth from within Unreal Engine.

Note: The TouchEngine For UE Plugin is only compatible with Windows.

Download and Getting Started

To get started with the TouchEngine For UE Plugin, visit the samples project hosted in our GitHub repository here:

The actual plugin is located here. It is referenced in the Samples repository via a submodule.


The samples documentation and plugin documentations are both on GitHub.

The samples repository documentation should be used as the main documentation.

Plugin Documentation:
Samples Documentation:


Using TouchEngine requires an Educational, Commercial, or Pro TouchDesigner/TouchPlayer license to run. Additionally TouchDesigner/TouchPlayer must be installed on the system to use TouchEngine.

Issues and feedback

If you wish to report an issue or give feedback, please post to the Github Issues on the repositories.

Developers who wish to contribute can issue pull requests on GitHub as well.