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For typography and font rendering in TouchDesigner, the Slug Font Rendering Library is a dynamic GPU font rendering and layout engine for professional high-quality, resolution-independent text. You can render fonts with the precision required to match industry-standard typography tools and ensure your font and text designs can be faithfully recreated in TouchDesigner. Supporting all Unicode characters, it is fully scalable from small to huge sizes with sharp outlines and no artifacts at any resolutions.

In TouchDesigner this font rendering is available in the Text TOP using the Display Method called 'Scalable' and is now the default rendering method used when the Text TOP is set to 'Automatic' and the font size is 16 or larger. It is also used for the Text COMP and Geo Text COMP where is it the only font rendering method available in those operators.

The font loading in TouchDesigner is extended so all font weights within font families are available to use.

See also Text TOP, Text COMP, Geo Text COMP