Retina and High DPI Display Resolutions

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All new Mac models now include Retina displays. These high-dpi displays are also becoming popular with higher end Windows laptops from manufacturers like Razor, Dell, Lenovo, MSI and others. Starting in the 2022.20000 series of builds, TouchDesigner has full support for hi-DPI displays. The UI will respect the 'scaling' setting on the OS, but render the UI using all of the pixels for a crisp viewing experience. If the UI in TouchDesigner does not suit your needs, you can adjust the UI scale via these instructions:

Adjusting UI scaling in Windows[edit]

The TouchDesigner interface font size can be adjusted with Windows Display Settings.

1) Open the Display Settings by right-clicking on an empty location on the desktop and selecting Display Settings. Alternatively, you can open the Display Settings from the Windows Control Panel.

2) In this dialog, note the setting "Change the size of text, apps, and other items:".


3) Increasing this settings will increase the size of the font. For example; try 150% or 200%.


4) Windows will require you logout and log back in for the settings to fully take effect.