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Build 2020.28110 - Dec 23, 2020[edit]

New Features[edit]

Floating Cloud Licenses are now a new option for licensing. Floating Cloud licenses allows any internet connected machine to access a group of floating licenses on an account. Great for running TouchDesigner on cloud instances, with multi-office teams, for remote working, and easier management of many computers or users. For pricing and purchasing, please contact us at (and coming to the store soon).

New Python[edit]

New Palette[edit]

Bug Fixes and Improvements[edit]

  • Engine COMP - Additions and improvements.
    • Added 'Match Component Rate' and 'FPS' parameters to Tune page to help control the Engine COMP's playback rate.
    • Added 'Unload' pulse parameter.
    • Fixed crash which could occur after changing the loaded .tox file.
    • Faster loading when .tox file changed.
    • Some issues with CHOP inputs and dropping samples fixed.
    • For Engine COMP and TouchEngine, fixed bad UTF-8 strings through DATs, parameter names and values, channel names, and file paths.
    • Fixed some potential crashes.
  • Actor COMP - Fixed visual bug when updating scale parameters.
  • Constraint COMP / Actor COMP - Fixed crash when changing an actor with constraints while the simulation is running.
  • Script TOP - copyNumpyArray() now works when stride[0] doesn't match the width byte-stride of the image exactly.
  • Substance TOP - Fixed use of exposed string parameters in .sbsar Substance files.
  • Substance TOP - Fixed bug with input TOP changes not triggering a re-render of the Substance textures.
  • Video Device In TOP - Flir (previously called Point Grey) cameras using the Spinnaker SDK now work again. Upgraded to Spinnaker version
  • Clock CHOP - Fixed bug where milliseconds channel would fall out of sync with seconds channel when 'Hour Adjust' parameter had enough precision to shift by milliseconds.
  • Web Client DAT - Fixed handling of utf-8 in XML content-type.
  • Web Client DAT - Fixed handling of utf-8 text in DAT output.
  • Web Server DAT - Fixed crash when WebSocket connection is not closed cleanly on the client side.
  • WebSocket DAT - Fixed onConnect/onDisconnect callbacks being triggered when there is no WebSocket connection.
  • WebSocket DAT - Fixed Info DAT not reporting connected=0 when server not cleanly shutdown (ie. no close message sent).
  • XML DAT - Fixes for UTF8 support including standard entities, output, and recent hangs.
  • Privacy - Fixed Text TOP/Field COMP not working in protected components.
  • Fixed crash when entering/exiting Perform Mode that caused panels to re-clone.

Backward Compatibility[edit]