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Build 2019.37430 - Feb 14, 2020[edit]

New Features[edit]

  • Point File In TOP - Num points (Info CHOP, Python Func and Message Box) now shows the total number of valid points in the output texture, which could be less than the number of points loaded if the texture size has been reduced.
  • Point File In TOP - Added 'Num Loaded Points' to the Info CHOP and python class to show the number of points that were loaded from the file.
  • Analyze TOP - Improvements
    • Added Sum and Count Pixel operations.
    • Added support to exclude pixels with NaN values in the calculations.
    • - Added support for defining a mask channel. Pixels that have a zero in the mask channel are excluded from calculations.
    • - Changed the name of the 'Select' parameter to 'Analyze Channel'.
  • Transform CHOP - Large overhaul of it's functionality from previous 2019.30000 series experimentals. Reduced complexity. Now matches groups of channels based on prefix instead of channel order to create transforms.

New Palette[edit]

  • New pointMerge component takes two input TOPs and repacks them into a single output texture containing all of the pixels of the inputs.
  • New pointRepack component re-arranges the pixels in the input to fill a new texture of given dimensions. Extra input pixels are discarded, while extra output pixels are filled with zeroes.
  • Widgets updated
    • New Text Editor Widget - found in core widgets
    • Slider / Knob optimization for cache mode - direct path to out for greater speed
    • Support enable/disable of parameters using enableExpr - work in progress - it is possible parameters do not enable or disable properly.

New Python[edit]

Bug Fixes and Improvements[edit]

  • Notch TOP - Upgrade to Notch SDK v0.9.23
  • Notch TOP - Fixed unicode in exposed string properties.
  • Notch TOP - Fixed reporting of gpu_memory_used.
  • NDI In TOP - Fixed high CPU usage when no connections found.
  • Nvidia Flow TOP - Fixed typo in "Ignition Temp" parameter.
  • Point File In TOP - Point clouds that exceed the maximum size supported by the graphics card are now clamped with the output points sampled evenly from the total available points.
  • Point File In TOP - If the output resolution is smaller than the source texture, points are now evenly sampled from the source rather than cropping.
  • Point File In TOP - The number of points in the original source file is now displayed in the Info CHOP.
  • Geometry COMP - Fixed Instancing Texture coordinates not working correctly.
  • Object CHOP - Added 'Include Order Channels' parameter to control outputting the 'xord' and 'rord' channels. Files from 2019.10000 branch and earlier will load up with the parameter off to maintain older behavior.
  • Object CHOP - Fixed startup errors that are shown when loading up files from 2019.10000 or older builds.
  • OSC In CHOP - Fixed memory leak.
  • Table DAT - Fixed issue where UTF16 files were being truncated when loading on macOS.
  • Text DAT - Fixed UTF16 encoded files not loading correctly on macOS.
  • Text DAT - Now correctly load UTF-16 big endian encoded files.
  • Window COMP - Fixed some Perform Mode window sizing issues on macOS.
  • Window COMP - Fixed some sizing issues for windows when using multiple monitors with different DPI setings.
  • Engine COMP (and TouchEngine) - Added support for channel names for CHOP Ins and Outs.
  • C++ Operators should decrement any python objects returned from getParPython() after use, otherwise a memory leak will occur. The documentation in the header file incorrectly stated otherwise, it has now been updated.
  • CPlusPlus samples now include the missing source files to the Xcode project for CPUMemoryTOP.
  • Fixed cases wheren panel.inside is calculated incorrectly during dragging of native scaled windows on windows that are scaled to something other than 100%.
  • Changed Add Group keyboard shortcut in the Geometry viewer's Select and Transform state to be Shift+G to match the network editor shortcut.
  • Fixed issue where some nodes would cook mulitple times per frame.
  • toeexpand/toecollapse now tolerate forward or backward slashes.
  • A number of new andupdates OP Snippet examples.


BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY - Rectangle SOP - Normals for the ZX orientation now point along the positive Y axis for consistency with other orientations and SOPs.