Primitive Attributes

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You can use the Primitive SOP or the SOP to DAT,DAT to SOP pairs to add or modify primitive attributes.

Some Primitive Attributes[edit]

Name Type Size Description
N vector 3 Surface normal.
Cd float 4 Surface color and alpha specified by RGBA. Values range from 0 to 1. The alpha component Cd(3) controls the transparency of a given element, where 1 is fully opaque, and 0 is fully transparent.
creaseweight float 1 Crease weights, use in sub-division surfaces. See Subdivide SOP.

A surface type in SOPs including polygon, curve (NURBS and Bezier), patch (NURBS and Bezier) and other shapes like sphere, tube, and metaball. Points and Primitives are part of the Geometry Detail, which is a part of a SOP.

Information associated with SOP geometry. Points and primitives (polygons, NURBS, etc.) can have any number of attributes - position (P) is standard, and optional are normals (N), texture coordinates (uv), color (Cd), etc.