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The following is a list of the gadgets used to manipulate parameter values in parameter dialogs.


Tabs are used to divide groups of parameters with similar functions together into a page.

Occasionally, tabs are nested so that within one tabbed page, the various parameters can be applied different in different situations based on the tab. For exmaple, on the Drag tab of the Container Component, there are two tabs: When Dragging this Component and On Dropping into this Component.

[[Image:]] [[Image:]]


Color Picker with RGB tuple[edit]

Drop Down Menus (Single and Mutiple)[edit]

Check Box (Single and Multiple)[edit]

Single Number with Slider[edit]

Single Number with Slider and Scale[edit]

Multiple Numbers[edit]

Value Ladder[edit]

Operator Path with Jump To Button[edit]

File System Path with Open File Button[edit]

Text Box[edit]

Ordered List[edit]

The Container component type is a Panel Component that holds and displays any number of Panel Components (also known as Gadgets) in Panel.

An Operator Family that contains its own Network inside. There are twelve 3D Object Component and eight 2D Panel Component types. See also Network Path.

The location of an operator within the TouchDesigner environment, for example, /geo1/torus1, a node called torus1 in a component called geo1. The path / is called Root. To refer instead to a filesystem folder, directory, disk file or http: address, see Folder.