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Panel Components, a subset of all Components, are used to create customizable interactive 2D control panels and user interfaces (also called Panels).

Examples are in File:Panel COMPs.tox and Help > OP Snippets

The panel components are:

Button COMP - interactive on/off buttons, including toggle, momentary, and sets of radio buttons

Container COMP - holds any number of other buttons, sliders, fields, containers, etc

Field COMP - lets you enter text strings and renders text

List COMP - lets you create and define lists using python

OP Viewer COMP - creates a panel out of any operator's viewer

Parameter COMP - creates a panel out of any operator's parameters

Select COMP - selects a Panel Component from any other location

Slider COMP - sliders in X, Y and XY, and outputs 1 or 2 channels

Table COMP - a concise and optimized way to create a grid of user interface gadgets

PythonIcon.png PanelCOMP_Class

Panels within Panels[edit]

In 2D control panels, a Panel component is displayed within another panel (Parenting) in two possible ways:

  • by placing the panel inside another Panel component (normally a Container component).
  • by a node being attached to another node in the same network like in 3D Parenting.

Scripting with Panels[edit]

See Panel Value, Panel Execute DAT, PanelValue Class, PanelCOMP Class, and the individual Panel COMP classes.

OP Snippets is a set of numerous examples of TouchDesigner operators, which you access via the Help menu. These can be copied/pasted into your projects.

The component types (e.g. Slider, Button, Field, Container) that are used to create custom control panels, also known simply as Panel or Gadget

The Container component type is a Panel Component that holds and displays any number of Panel Components (also known as Gadgets) in Panel.

An Operator Family that contains its own Network inside. There are twelve 3D Object Component and eight 2D Panel Component types. See also Network Path.