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Panel Components, a subset of all Components, are used to create customizable interactive 2D control panels and user interfaces (also called Panels).

Examples are in File:Panel COMPs.tox and Help > OP Snippets

The panel components are:

Button COMP - interactive on/off buttons, including toggle, momentary, and sets of radio buttons

Container COMP - holds any number of other buttons, sliders, fields, containers, etc

Field COMP - lets you enter text strings and renders text

List COMP - lets you create and define lists using python

OP Viewer COMP - creates a panel out of any operator's viewer

Parameter COMP - creates a panel out of any operator's parameters

Select COMP - selects a Panel Component from any other location

Slider COMP - sliders in X, Y and XY, and outputs 1 or 2 channels

Table COMP - a concise and optimized way to create a grid of user interface gadgets

PythonIcon.png PanelCOMP_Class

Panels within Panels[edit]

In 2D control panels, a Panel component is displayed within another panel (Parenting) in two possible ways:

  • by placing the panel inside another Panel component (normally a Container component).
  • by a node being attached to another node in the same network like in 3D Parenting.

Scripting with Panels[edit]

See Panel Value, Panel Execute DAT, PanelValue Class, PanelCOMP Class, and the individual Panel COMP classes.