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The Pane class describes an instance of a pane interface. It can be accessed through the ui.panes object. It is the parent class of the NetworkEditor Class.


ownerCOMP :

Get or set the component this pane points to.

idint (Read Only):

A unique numeric identifier.

linkint :

Get or set the numeric link index.

maximizebool :

Enable or disable the pane maximize state.

namestr :

Get or set the pane name.

ratiofloat :

Get or set the split proportion of the pane, if the pane was previously split.

bottomLefttuple(x,y,u,v) (Read Only):

The coordinates of the bottom left corner, expressed in both pixels and uv offsets, in a named tuple.

topRighttuple(x,y,u,v) (Read Only):

The coordinates of the top right corner, expressed in both pixels and uv offsets, in a named tuple.

typePaneType (Read Only):

The enumerated type of the pane. Example: NetworkEditor.

The enumeration is called PaneType and consists of:

  • PaneType.PANEL
  • PaneType.TOPVIEWER
  • PaneType.TEXTPORT



Change the pane to the specified type. Will return a new Pane object that represents the Pane. After being called, the current Pane instance will no longer be valid.

  • paneType - The type of pane to change this pane to.
p = ui.panes[0]
p = p.changeType(PaneType.TOPVIEWER)  # note: must re-assign p to new object.


Close the pane.


Return a floating copy of the pane.


Split the bottom portion of the pane into a new pane.


Split the left portion of the pane into a new pane.


Split the right portion of the pane into a new pane.


Split the top portion of the pane into a new pane.


Detach the pane into a floating window. Returns True if successful.

An Operator Family that contains its own Network inside. There are twelve 3D Object Component and eight 2D Panel Component types. See also Network Path.

A work area in TouchDesigner's layout that includes the Network Editor and 7 other pane types used for different tasks. The TouchDesigner interface can consist of a single pane, or be split into multiple panes.