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The popDialog custom Component builds on Container COMP to make an easy-to-use pop-up dialog for basic notifications and queries. The dialog can be set up using parameters or script.

Up to four buttons can be created, as well as a text-entry box. A callback system is provided for more complex needs.

TIP: there is a system popDialog available in op.TDResources, so for many needs a call to op.TDResources.op('popDialog').Open(...) is all that is needed to create a dialog.

For examples of how to set up a popDialog, see PopDialog Custom COMP Examples.

PythonIcon.pngPalette:popDialog Ext

Parameters - Pop Dialog Page

Help Page Helppage - Open the popDialog wiki page in a browser.  

Open Open - Open the pop-up dialog.  

Close Close - Close the pop-up dialog.  

Title Title - The dialog's title. If empty, no title bar will be displayed.  

Text Text - The dialog's text.  

Text Entry Area Textentryarea - If true, an area for the user to provide text entry will be displayed.  

Text Entry Default Textentrydefault - The text entry area will start with this text in it.  

Buttons Buttons - The number of buttons to display in the dialog.  

Button Label 1 Buttonlabel1 - The label for the given button number.  

Button Label 2 Buttonlabel2 - The label for the given button number.  

Button Label 3 Buttonlabel3 - The label for the given button number.  

Button Label 4 Buttonlabel4 - The label for the given button number.  

On Esc Press Button Escbutton - - The button press to simulate when esc key is pressed.

  • Button 1 1 -
  • Button 2 2 -
  • Button 3 3 -
  • Button 4 4 -
  • None None -

On Enter Press Button Enterbutton - - The button press to simulate when enter key is pressed.

  • Button 1 1 -
  • Button 2 2 -
  • Button 3 3 -
  • Button 4 4 -
  • None None -

Esc On Click Away Esconclickaway - If True, a click anywhere but on the pop-up dialog will simulate an esc key press.  

Parameters - Callbacks Page

Edit Callbacks Editcallbacks - Open the Callback DAT in editor.  

Callback DAT Callbackdat - The DAT containing callbacks for this component.  

Print Callbacks Printcallbacks - Print info on each callback to the textport, whether or not a callback is found.  

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