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The gestureCapture COMP records movement in CHOP channels and renders lines in a TOP. The output of gesturePanel is the rendered image, a CHOP showing the number of lines, and a SOP containing all paths as polygons. By default the component uses the x and y position of the cursor when over the component and the left-click button to start capturing the gesture. Random colors are artificially added.

To record your own input channels, put any set of channels in input 1 of this component and make the range -1 to +1. The incoming CHOP channels must be named tx ty and optionally tz. In the second input, connect a button COMP or ‘select’ channel to start and run the capturing of the gesture. In the third input send a “select” channel to signal to remove the last line drawn. To see the data being gathered and processed, press the Keys and Chans buttons in Perform Mode.

Some parameters set the threshold of motion, affecting when keyframes are created. Channel groups like tx, ty, tz has its own threshold of motion

PythonIcon.pngPalette:gestureCapture Ext

Parameters - Control Page

Help Help - Opens this page.  

Version Version - Current version of this COMP.  

Wireframe Width Width - This value is the width of the stroke. This value is in pixels.  

Blur Blur - The amount of blur in pixels.  

Clear Clear - Clears all lines.  

Undo Undo - Clears the last line drawn.  

Threshold Xlate Speed Transthresh -  

Xlate Chans Transchans -  

Threshold Rotate Speed Rotthresh -  

Rotate Chans Rotchans -  

Threshold Other Otherthresh -  

Other Chans Otherchans -  

Always Moving Alwaysmoving -  

Resample by Edge Length Resamplelength - Forces the length of each stroke to be the value set in the “Edge Length” parameter.  

Edge Length Edgelength - The length of each stroke.  

Keep Last Edge Point Keeplast - Turning off this parameter will remove the ends of strokes that are less than the value in the ‘Edge Length’ parameter.  

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0 -
  • Input 1 -
  • Input 2 -
  • Input 3 -

Operator Outputs

  • Output 0 -
  • Output 1 -
  • Output 2 -

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An Operator Family that contains its own Network inside. There are twelve 3D Object Component and eight 2D Panel Component types. See also Network Path.

An Operator Family which operate on Channels (a series of numbers) which are used for animation, audio, mathematics, simulation, logic, UI construction, and many other applications.

An Operator Family that creates, composites and modifies images, and reads/writes images and movies to/from files and the network. TOPs run on the graphics card's GPU.

An Operator Family that reads, creates and modifies 3D polygons, curves, NURBS surfaces, spheres, meatballs and other 3D surface data.

Mode where the network editing window is not open, your performance interface window(s) is open and you are running your application as fast as possible. See Designer Mode.

Each SOP has a list of Points. Each point has an XYZ 3D position value plus other optional attributes. Each polygon Primitive is defined by a vertex list, which is list of point numbers.

A built-in panel in TouchDesigner that contains a library of components and media that can be dragged-dropped into a TouchDesigner network.