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The autoUI custom Component automatically generates a widget based UI for a custom Component, based on its custom parameters.

Quickstart: Be sure that you have UI>Basic Widgets>Package>basicWidgets component from the palette somewhere in your project. Place the autoUI component inside your custom Component and pulse the Generate UI parameter on the Auto UI parameter page.

Basic configuration options are available in the parameters. You can customize the created UI by going inside and changing the top level parameters of any widgets. Those changes will be preserved if you press Generate UI again. To completely recreate any part of your UI, delete that part before generating. Or, to recreate the entire UI, delete the whole component before generating.

PythonIcon.pngPalette/autoUI Ext

Parameters - Auto UI Page

Generate UI Generateui - Generate the Auto UI.  

Header Header - Create a header widget.  

Page Tabs Pagetabs - Create a page tabs widget to switch between parameter pages.  

Page Scope Pagescope - Defines which custom parameter pages will be included.  

Parameter Scope Parameterscope - Defines which custom parameters will be included.  

UI Ui - The name of the UI container to be created.  

Custom COMP Customcomp - The custom component whose custom parameters the UI will be based on.  

Help Help - Open this documentation page.  

Version Version(Read Only) - The version number of the autoUI component.  

Parameters - Widgets Page

Use Widget Package Usewidgetpackage - Use widgets package to generate UI - Not available.  

Widget Package Widgetpackage - Full widget package - Not available.  

Auto UI DAT Autouidat - Table of information for generating the Auto UI from custom parameters.  

Widget Container Widgetcontainer - Container holding widget components for generating the Auto UI.