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The audioSet COMP is a visualization and modifier of gain in an audiofilein CHOP.

PythonIcon.pngPalette:audioSet Ext

Parameters - audioSet Page

Help Help - Opens this page.  

Version Version - Current version of this COMP.  

Driver Driver - - Select between DirectSound and ASIO drivers.

  • default (DirectSound/CoreAudio) default - The default Windows audio driver (a.k.a. WDM).
  • ASIO asio - Low-latency drivers which usually come from the hardware's manufacturer
  • DataPath (RGBEASY) datapath -

Device Device - - A menu of available audio devices to receive input from. Selecting default sets the audio device to that which is selected in Windows Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices>Audio>Sound Recording.

  • default default -
  •   -

Format Format - - Selects mono, stereo, or multi-channel. Also determines how many channels are created 1(mono) or 2(stereo left and stereo right) etc.

  • Mono mono -
  • Stereo stereo -
  • Multi-Channel multichannel -

Gain (dB) Gain - This parameter controls the volume of the channel before it reaches the compressor. If the signal to be compressed is not in a useful dynamic range, this parameter can be used to repair it.  

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0 -

Operator Outputs

  • Output 0 -

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An Operator Family that contains its own Network inside. There are twelve 3D Object Component and eight 2D Panel Component types. See also Network Path.

An Operator Family which operate on Channels (a series of numbers) which are used for animation, audio, mathematics, simulation, logic, UI construction, and many other applications.

A custom interactive control panel built within TouchDesigner. Panels are created using Panel Components whose look is created entirely with TOPs.

A CHOP outputs one or more channels, where a channel is simply a sequence of numbers, representing motion, audio, etc. Channels are passed between CHOPs in TouchDesigner networks. See also Export.

A built-in panel in TouchDesigner that contains a library of components and media that can be dragged-dropped into a TouchDesigner network.