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This page leads to multi-touch implementations with TouchDesigner.

The Palette:multiTouch component in the Palette is an example of the multi-touch workflow to move objects in 2D. It is built around the Multi Touch In DAT.

See the Multi Touch In DAT for Windows multi-touch. (Tested with 3M)

See TUIO to roll-your-own.

See iOS and OSC for various ways to get multi-touch data into from the Apple iOS devices.


A touch on a panel will as as a left mouse button event. This lets you used multiple panels such as buttons, sliders via multi-touch as they are. If a panel needs to handle more than one touch, you can disable the built in multi-touch behaviour via Panel COMP Panel Page's Multi-Touch parameter, and then process the incoming touches to that panel via the Multi Touch In DAT.

Network Editor[edit]

The first touch in the Network Editor will act as a left mouse button event. Subsequent touches are ignored.


The number of touches available is limited by hardware.

Windows 7/8 only allows the use of one touch screen at a time.