Getting Started With TouchDesigner

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Getting Started with TouchDesigner

To download TouchDesigner, go to Downloads

While downloading, create an account so you can get a key after installation.

Install and start TouchDesigner.


TouchDesigner Non-Commercial can be used (free) for personal and educational use, including demoing and learning how to use TouchDesigner.

Educational, Commercial and Pro licenses are available from the store, the Licensing page explains the differences in features.

Start TouchDesigner, the Key Manager Dialog will open if no key is present. Create a key.

Where to Start Learning TouchDesigner

The Learn TouchDesigner page will introduce you to all the learning materials available for TouchDesigner, including tutorials, examples, and documentation.

If you are interested in attending workshops to learn TouchDesigner, check out Workshops & Events.

For those eager to write some code, Python is the default scripting language of TouchDesigner. You can find all the Python documentation and reference material starting here: Python Reference.