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The Gesture CHOP records a short segment of the first input and loops this segment in time with options as specified in the Gesture Page. The second input defines the "listen" input. The third input is used to reset the gesture.

Tip: The gestureCapture component in the palette is much more powerful and flexible to capture and record channels, and has full UI.

In the Gesture CHOP, when the first channel of the listen input goes above zero, the Gesture CHOP begins recording the first input's channels. While listen is on, the input channels are output exactly as is. When the listen is turned off, the recorded segment of the channels is processed (trimmed and blended). While listen is off, the recorded segment is looped continuously.

The Gesture CHOP determines the number of beats that the listen was on for; this defines the period of the loop. If the beat frequency changes, the period will change with it.

If "Fit to Nearest Cycle" is Off, the beats are ignored and the gesture length is exactly the time it took to record - the recorded segment will be looped back with a period equal to the recorded length. When On, the captured gesture will be extended or trimmed to be a multiple of the beats per cycle.


Parameters - Gesture Page

Play Mode playmode - - Controls the gesture playback.

  • Locked to Timeline locked - This mode locks the gesture position to the Timeline.
  • Sequential sequential - This mode continually plays the gesture regardless of the timeline position. Reset and Reset Condition parameters below are enabled to allow some control.

Fit to Nearest Cycle fitmethod - When on the captured gesture will be extended or trimmed to be a multiple of the Beats Per Cycle.

Beats per Cycle numbeats - Specifies the number of beats to cycle the recorded animation around. If the recorded animation is longer than a multiple of the Beats Per Cycle, it will loop at that multiplied length.

Step Output step - If on, the cycled animation will adjust up or down each iteration to avoid jumps when looping to the beginning. For example, it would turn a simple 0-1 ramp gesture into a continuously increasing line.

Step Reset stepreset - When On and you re-record a gesture, the step will be zeroed.

Blend Time blend - How much of the recorded segment to use as a blend region. The blend region is used to blend the beginning of the segment to the end so that a seemless loop is produced.

Blend Time Unit blendunit -

Interpolate Samples interp - If on, recorded samples are interpolated when scaling occurs, otherwise the nearest sample is selected.

Speed speed - Scales the rate of playback for the segment.

Speed Unit speedunit -

Reset Condition resetcondition - - This menu determines how the Reset input (the third input) triggers a reset of the channel(s).

  • Off to On offtoon - Channels are reset when the Reset input goes off to on.
  • While On on - Channels are reset when the Reset input goes on. The channel will hold the reset value until the input turns off.
  • On to Off ontooff - Channels are reset when the Reset input goes on to off.
  • While Off off - Channels are reset when the Reset input goes off. The channel will hold the reset value until the input turns on.

Reset reset - Resets the gesture while On when in Sequential Play Mode.

Reset Pulse resetpulse - Resets the gesture.

Parameters - Common Page

Time Slice timeslice - Turning this on forces the channels to be "Time Sliced". A Time Slice is the time between the last cook frame and the current cook frame.

Scope scope - To determine which channels get affected, some CHOPs use a Scope string on the Common page.

Sample Rate Match srselect - - Handle cases where multiple input CHOPs' sample rates are different. When Resampling occurs, the curves are interpolated according to the Interpolation Method Option, or "Linear" if the Interpolate Options are not available.

  • Resample At First Input's Rate first - Use rate of first input to resample others.
  • Resample At Maximum Rate max - Resample to the highest sample rate.
  • Resample At Minimum Rate min - Resample to the lowest sample rate.
  • Error If Rates Differ err - Doesn't accept conflicting sample rates.

Export Method exportmethod - - This will determine how to connect the CHOP channel to the parameter. Refer to the Export article for more information.

  • DAT Table by Index datindex - Uses the docked DAT table and references the channel via the index of the channel in the CHOP.
  • DAT Table by Name datname - Uses the docked DAT table and references the channel via the name of the channel in the CHOP.
  • Channel Name is Path:Parameter autoname - The channel is the full destination of where to export to, such has geo1/transform1:tx.

Export Root autoexportroot - This path points to the root node where all of the paths that exporting by Channel Name is Path:Parameter are relative to.

Export Table exporttable - The DAT used to hold the export information when using the DAT Table Export Methods (See above).

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0 -
  • Input 1 -
  • Input 2 -

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