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This is a collection of examples from the book Generative Design converted to TouchDesigner. The examples highlight techniques that cover almost all aspects of TouchDesigner and should be a great resource for learning and further understanding the software. As of publishing this collection holds about 088 examples. The website accompanying the book has all the original code available here.

Many thanks to the creators of the original Processing based sketches.

P.1 Color

P.1 Color.jpg

P.1 Color File

P.2 Shape

P.2 Shape.jpg

P.2 Shape File

P.3 Typo

P.3 Typo.jpg

P.3 Typo File

P.4 Image

P.4 Image.jpg

P.4 Image File

M.1 Random and Noise

M.1 Random and Noise.jpg

M.1 Random and Noise File

M.2 Oscillation Figures

M.2 Oscillation Figures.jpg

M.2 Oscillation Figures

M.3 Formulated Bodies

M.3 Formulated Bodies.jpg

M.3 Formulated Bodies