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"Folder" in TouchDesigner always refers to a Windows operating system directory/folder that contain files and other folders.

In contrast, a TouchDesigner "Path" is internal to TouchDesigner. A Path is a location of a node, which may be a component containing other nodes.

Folder and filesystem paths are found in the operators that read files, such as the Movie File In TOP, File In CHOP, File In DAT, Audio File In CHOP.

Files on the internet can be referred to by their URL:

The operating system's holder of files and other folders (directories). It does not refer to operators within TouchDesigner. See Network Path.

The location of an operator within the TouchDesigner environment, for example, /geo1/torus1, a node called torus1 in a component called geo1. The path / is called Root. To refer instead to a filesystem folder, directory, disk file or http: address, see Folder.