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About Educational Licenses[edit]

TouchDesigner Educational is an edition of TouchDesigner available to students and schools for non-commercial and educational uses only. Educational edition includes all the features of Commercial such as no limit on resolution, Shared Memory OPs, and custom C++ OPs. For a comparison of features, see Licensing.

Applying For Educational Purchasing[edit]

Students and school administrators must apply for Educational purchasing and be approved by Derivative before these licenses are available in the online store.

Steps to Apply[edit]

  1. Create or login to your account by clicking on "My Account".
  2. Fill out the application form at:
  3. The Educational team will review your request. (Usually within 24 hours.)
  4. Once reviewed you will receive an email with the response.

Once an account is approved, Educational licenses will now be displayed on the online store when users are logged into their account. There is no need to re-apply in the future if you would like to purchase additional licenses. Once approved accounts will have Educational purchasing privileges indefinitely.

Volume Discounts[edit]

Educational licenses qualify for Volume Discount pricing. To learn more please visit our Volume Discount page.

License Options[edit]

Non-Commercial Key - No Cost[edit]

All accounts automatically have 10 Non-Commercial keys when created. Schools are welcome to use these Non-Commercial keys for teaching purposes and we are happy to increase the quantity available in order to set up labs etc. Simply email letting us know the quantity you require and we'd be happy to increase the number available on your account.

There are feature limitations with Non-Commercial keys compared to paid licenses, most notably a resolution limitation of 1280px by 1280px. For a full comparison chart please visit our Licensing page.


  • No Cost.
  • 1280 x 1280 resolution limitation.
  • Additional feature limitations compared to Educational licenses.
  • One time use.
  • Can't be disabled and moved between machines as paid licenses can be.
  • Requires a new key be created if system code changes.

TouchDesigner Educational ($300 USD Per License)[edit]

TouchDesigner Educational licenses that are managed via the Key Manager in TouchDesigner. Licenses can only be on 1 (one) machine at a time, but can be moved between machines as often as needed via the Key Manager and your account login details.


  • Same features as Commercial licenses.
  • Moveable between machines via the Key Manager.
  • Can't be shared remotely with students or over a network.
  • Requires machine access and internet access to create and disable keys via the Key Manager.

TouchDesigner Educational - Floating Cloud ($450 USD Per License)[edit]

TouchDesigner Floating Cloud Licenses are managed via a .wbc file which is installed on the Codemeter Control Center of each machine a user would like to have access to the license. A shared network connection is not required as is the case with the Dongle floating license method. For more information please visit our Floating Cloud License info page.


  • License automatically released when TouchDesigner is closed.
  • Can be shared with students and teachers both on campus and off-site.
  • Derivative can generate a new .wbc file at the beginning of each semester, so previous students will no longer have access, and the new .wbc file can be shared with the new students.

Setup Recommendations and Examples[edit]

Single Computer Lab[edit]

Schools are welcome to use Non-Commercial keys in computer labs for teaching purposes. Accounts automatically have 10 Non-Commercial keys when created, but the Derivative team would be happy to add more as needed. Simply email a request to with the username and quantity needed and the limit will be increased.

It is recommended that the course instructor use a TouchDesigner Educational key so that they can demonstrate projects with an unlimited resolution as well as other features not available with Non-Commercial keys.

Setup Examples (20 seat lab)[edit]

Limited Features (Total Cost $0 USD)[edit]

(Limited to resolution of 1280 x 1280 as well as additional feature limitations.)

  • 20 x Non-Commercial Keys = No Cost
  • TOTAL: $0 USD

Teacher Educational License (Total Cost $300 USD)[edit]

  • 20 x Non-Commercial Keys = No Cost
  • 1 x TouchDesigner Educational License = $300 USD
  • TOTAL: $300 USD

Full Features (Total Cost: $5,208 USD)[edit]

  • 20 x TouchDesigner Educational License $300 USD = $6,000 USD
  • Volume Discount = -$792 USD
  • TOTAL = $5,208 USD

Shared Network Access[edit]

By using a Codemeter license dongle, users are able to float their licenses over a single network. For more information please visit our Floating License Using a Dongle info page.

Setup Examples[edit]

Floating Licenses with EXISTING Dongle[edit]

For users who already own a Codemeter USB Dongle. (Serial number must begin 2- or 3-)

  • 20 x Non-Commercial Keys = No Cost
  • 1 x TouchDesigner Educational License = $300 USD
  • 1 x Codemeter Dongle Setup = $50 USD
  • TOTAL: $350 USD

1 Teacher License and NEW Dongle Purchase[edit]

For users who do NOT own a Codemeter USB Dongle.

  • 20 x Non-Commercial Keys = No Cost
  • 1 x TouchDesigner Educational License = $300 USD
  • 1 x Codemeter USB Dongle = $180 USD
  • TOTAL: $480 USD

Unlimited Resolution (Total Cost: $5,208 USD)[edit]

20 x TouchDesigner Educational License $300 USD = $6,000 USD
Volume Discount = -$450 USD
TOTAL = $5,550 USD

Users can load TouchDesigner licenses (both Non-Commercial and Educational licenses) to Codemeter dongles which can then be shared over a network using. For details please visit our License Dongle info page.

Multiple Location Access[edit]

If you require access across multiple networks and/or locations we offer TouchDesigner Educational Floating Cloud licenses. For more information please visit our Floating Cloud Licenses info page.

Sometimes lab computers are wiped often and/or don't have admin privileges. Using floating cloud licenses allows the system administrator to install the credentials onto lab computers as part of their disk image. This setup will automatically use licenses when TouchDesigner is in use and return them when TouchDesigner closes.

With this method users can share a .wbc credential file with students at the beginning of the semester and then Derivative can create a new credential file at the end of the semester. This is a manual process that can only be done by Derivative. Schools are not able to selectively restrict access to specific students during the semester. A full reset and install of the new credential file would be required each time the class is taught.


  • Shareable with students and teachers remotely.
  • Able to remotely be reset/withdrawn at the end of the semester.
  • Additional cost of $150 USD per Educational license.

Example Setup[edit]

20 x TouchDesigner Educational License, Floating Cloud $450 USD = $9,000 USD Volume Discount = -$675 USD TOTAL = $8,325 USD

TouchDesigner Educational (Floating Cloud)[edit]

TouchDesigner offers floating licenses using Wibu/CodeMeter's CmCloud licensing technology.

How To Purchase[edit]

Online Store *Recommended[edit]

We recommend purchasing online as this is the fastest delivery method. Licenses are delivered on check out completion when purchasing online. Purchases made by wire transfer are manually delivered once the funds have been received.

Steps To Purchase[edit]

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on the shopping cart icon.
  3. Add the desired items to your cart.
  4. Complete payment details.
  5. Once check out is complete the licenses will automatically be delivered to your account.

(*Dongles and Floating Cloud licenses are sent separately. A member of our team will contact you within 24 hours of purchase Monday - Friday.)

Wire Transfer[edit]

If purchasing by credit card or PayPal is not an option we are happy to assist you in making a manual purchase by wire transfer.

Steps to purchase by Wire Transfer[edit]

  1. Email a Purchase Order to
  2. An Invoice will be issue which includes Derivative's wire banking details.
  3. Once the funds are received the order will manually be delivered to your account and a member of our team will contact you once the licenses are available.