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The CPlusPlus DAT allows you to make custom DAT operators by writing your own plugin using C++.

Using the CPlusPlus DAT, you can create either a Table or Text DAT output depending what type you specify at the time of creation. See Write a CPlusPlus Plugin and the other articles in the C++ category for more detailed information on how to make .dll for use with this DAT. Note that regardless of the type of DAT node (i.e. Table or Text), all the names for searching the cells and assigned texts have to be a encoded as a valid UTF-8.

Example for CPlusPlus DAT as a Visual Studio project in Windows are available in C:/Program Files/Derivative/TouchDesigner/Samples/CPlusPlus/DAT or your custom TouchDesigner installation folder. (NOTE: On macOS it is here: TouchDesigner.app/Contents/Resources/tfs/Samples/CPlusPlus/DAT

Custom Parameters - Custom Parameters can be automatically created by the C++ DAT .dll. This custom parameter page can be removed, edited, or appended to from within the setupParameters() function in CPlusPlusDATExample.cpp. The defined custom parameters can be enabled or disabled depending on whether they are valid for a specific task or not.)


Parameters - Load Page

Plugin Path plugin - The path to the plugin you want to load.

Re-Init Class reinit - When this parameter is On 1, it will delete the instance of the class created by the plugin, and create a new one.

Re-Init Class reinitpulse - Instantly reinitialize the class.

Unload Plugin unloadplugin - When this parameter goes above 1, it will delete the instance of the class created by the plugin and unload the plugin. If multiple DATs have loaded the same plugin they will all need to unload it to release the file.

Parameters - Common Page

Language language - - Select how the DAT decides which script language to operate on.

  • Input input - The DAT uses the inputs script language.
  • Node node - The DAT uses it's own script language.

Edit/View Extension extension - - Select the file extension this DAT should expose to external editors.

  • dat dat - various common file extensions.
  • frag frag -
  • glsl glsl -
  • html html -
  • md md -
  • py py -
  • rtf rtf -
  • tsv tsv -
  • txt txt -
  • vert vert -
  • xml xml -
  • From Language languageext - pick extension from DATs script language.
  • Custom Extension customext - Specify a custom extension.

Custom Extension customext - Specifiy the custom extension.

Word Wrap wordwrap - - Enable Word Wrap for Node Display.

  • Input input - The DAT uses the inputs setting.
  • On on - Turn on Word Wrap.
  • Off off - Turn off Word Wrap.

Operator Inputs

  • Input 0 -

Info CHOP Channels

Extra Information for the CPlusPlus DAT can be accessed via an Info CHOP.

Common DAT Info Channels

  • num_rows - Number of rows in this DAT.
  • num_cols - Number of columns in this DAT.

Common Operator Info Channels

  • total_cooks - Number of times the operator has cooked since the process started.
  • cook_time - Duration of the last cook in milliseconds.
  • cook_frame - Frame number when this operator was last cooked relative to the component timeline.
  • cook_abs_frame - Frame number when this operator was last cooked relative to the absolute time.
  • cook_start_time - Time in milliseconds at which the operator started cooking in the frame it was cooked.
  • cook_end_time - Time in milliseconds at which the operator finished cooking in the frame it was cooked.
  • cooked_this_frame - 1 if operator was cooked this frame.
  • warnings - Number of warnings in this operator if any.
  • errors - Number of errors in this operator if any.

TouchDesigner Build:

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