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Parameters - Panel Page

The Panel parameter page controls panel attributes such as display on/off, enable on/off, panel help, and interactions with the cursor.

Display display - Specifies if the panel is displayed or hidden. Changing this parameter may incur some layout processing costs. For simple cases, such as overlays it is more performant to adjust the opacity parameter instead.

Enable enable - Allows you to prevent all interaction with this panel.

Help DAT helpdat - Lets you specify the path to a Text DAT whose content will be displayed as a rollover pop-up help for the control panel.

Cursor cursor - - Changes the cursor displayed when cursor is over the panel.

  • Normal Select pointer -
  • Link Select linkselect -
  • Text Select ibeam -
  • Precision Select cross -
  • Busy busy -
  • Activate activate -
  • Invisible invisible -

Multi-Touch multitouch - - When enabled, this panel will process the first touch it gets in a similar manner to how it processes a mouse click, with updates to u, v, state etc. The touch event must be initiated from the panel. Subsequent touches are ignored. If this panel handles multi-touch events via the Multi Touch In DAT, you may want to disable Built-in Multi-Touch so it won't interfere with script processing.

  • Use Parent's Multi-Touch Settings mtouchparent - Use the parent's Multi-Touch setting. This defaults to enabled in the root component.
  • Use Built-in Multi-Touch mtouchyes - Enable use of first touch as mouse.
  • Do Not Use Built-in Multi-Touch mtouchno - Disable use of first touch as mouse.

Constrain Cursor constraincursor - Constrains the cursor to this panel, keeping it inside once it enters.

Click Through clickthrough - When enabled all mouse clicks are ignored by this Panel Component.

Use Mouse Wheel mousewheel - Turn on to capture events when the mouse wheel is used over the panel.

Mouse UV Buttons uvbuttons - - Allows you to specify which mouse buttons update the uv Panel Values.

  • Left uvbuttonsleft -
  • Middle uvbuttonsmiddle -
  • Right uvbuttonsright -

Relative UV mouserel - When enabled the uv Panel Values will reflect relative mouse movement.

Drag Edges to Resize resize - - Four checkboxes allow you to enable resizing a panel by grabbing the corresponding edge or corner: Resize Left, Right, Bottom, Top.

  • L resizel -
  • R resizer -
  • B resizeb -
  • T resizet -

W Range resizew - - Limits the left-right (width) resizing range.

  • resizewmin -
  • resizewmax -

H Range resizeh - - Limits the bottom-top (height) resizing range.

  • resizehmin -
  • resizehmax -

Drag to Reposition reposition - - Enables repositioning of the panel or window by dragging with the mouse.

  • Off off -
  • Window window -
  • Component component -

Component repocomp - Enabled by choosing the Component option from the Reposition parameter. Specify the path to the panel component you would like to reposition by mouse.

X Range repositionx - - Enabled by choosing the Component option from the Reposition parameter. Sets the maximum range for repositioning the panel component horizontally.

  • repositionxmin -
  • repositionxmax -

Y Range repositiony - - Enabled by choosing the Component option from the Reposition parameter. Sets the maximum range for repositioning the panel component vertically.

  • repositionymin -
  • repositionymax -

Anchor Drag anchordrag - - When Drag To Reposition parameter is set to Component, and the panel's Horizontal Mode and/or Vertical Mode is set to Anchors, this menu determines whether drag-to-reposition actions change Anchor values or Offset values.

  • Anchors anchors - Drag-to-reposition actions change Anchor parameter values
  • Offsets offsets - Drag-to-reposition actions change Offset parameter values

Scroll Overlay scrolloverlay - - Controls whether the panel is affected by scrollbar position. This allows the creation of panel overlays that aren't affected by the panel's scrollbars.

  • Off off - Scrollbar affects panel normally.
  • Ignore ignore - Panel will not move when scrollbar is moved. Panel depth is determined by Depth Layer parameter normally.
  • Ignore and Draw Over ignoreover - Panel will not move when scrollbar is moved. Panel is drawn over scrollbars and sibling panels.