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Parameters - Children Page

The Children parameter page controls aspects of the Panel's children alignment, size, and position.

Align align - - This menu allows you to specify how the children inside the Panel Component will be laid out. The options Layout Grid Rows, Layout Grid Columns and Match Network Nodes will scale the Panel Component's children to fit the Component. They use the Align Order of each of the children to determine the ordering of the children.

  • None none -
  • Left to Right horizlr -
  • Right to Left horizrl -
  • Top to Bottom verttb -
  • Bottom to Top vertbt -
  • Grid Rows gridrows -
  • Grid Columns gridcols -
  • Match Network Nodes nodes -

Spacing spacing - This is enabled by choosing any Align option other than None or Match Network Nodes. It defines the space between the children when they are being aligned.  

Max per Line alignmax - This is enabled by choosing any Align option other than None, Layout Grid Horizontal, Layout Grid Vertical, or Match Network Nodes, and defines the maximum number of children placed in one row or column.  

Margin margin - - The four fields allow you to specify the space that surrounds the Panel Component. The margin is the space between the Panel Component's border and the outer edge. The Margin is defined in absolute pixels and does not stretch with the window, as a result margin is not reflected in the node's panel viewer but only when the parent is drawn in a floating window.

  • L marginl -
  • R marginr -
  • B marginb -
  • T margint -

Justify Horizontal justifyh - - This menu specifies if the panel's children are being justified horizontally.

  • Off off -
  • Left left -
  • Center center -
  • Right right -

Justify Vertical justifyv - - This menu specifies if the panel's children are being justified vertically.

  • Off off -
  • Top top -
  • Center center -
  • Bottom bottom -

Fit fit - - This menu allows you to scale the panel's children. It overrides the Justify Horizontal and Justify Vertical parameters.

  • Off off -
  • Fit Width horizontal -
  • Fit Height vertical -
  • Fit Best best -

Scale scale - - Allows you to uniformly scale the Panel's children.

  • X scalex -
  • Y scaley -

Offset offset - - Allows you to offset the Panel's children. This parameter is overwritten by the Align, Justify Horizontal, and Justify Vertical parameters above.

  • X offsetx -
  • Y offsety -

Crop crop - - This menu determines if any children panels which are positioned partially or completely outside the panel component's dimensions get cropped.

  • Off (Use Parent) off -
  • On on -
  • Never never -

A custom interactive control panel built within TouchDesigner. Panels are created using Panel Components whose look is created entirely with TOPs.

The component types (e.g. Slider, Button, Field, Container) that are used to create custom control panels, also known simply as Panel or Gadget

(1) The TouchDesigner window is made of a menu bar at the top, a Timeline at the bottom, plus one of a choice of Layouts in the middle. A Layout is made on one or more Panes, each Pane can contain a Network Editor, Viewer, Panel, etc. See Pane and Bookmark. (2) Nodes in a network are arranged using Layout commands in the RMB menu.

An Operator Family that contains its own Network inside. There are twelve 3D Object Component and eight 2D Panel Component types. See also Network Path.

There are 2 kinds of parenting. The "parent component" is the component in which a node resides. The metaphor is extended to include grand parents, grand-grand parents, etc. The root / is the ultimate parent to all nodes. See also 3D Parenting and panel Parenting.