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Bookmarks are accessible at the top of every pane. Clicking on the Bookmark icon brings up the Bookmark Menu with options to bookmark the current pane, edit the existing bookmarks, and load any existing bookmarks. Bookmarking the current network location can be done via the menu or or in the Bookmarks Dialog.

Bookmark Icon


A bookmark is a reference to a location within the network hierarchy of a TouchDesigner project. By bookmarking a location, it's possible to jump to that location quickly without having to navigate up and down the network each time. Bookmarks for a project are saved so that they are accessible each time the project is re-opened in TouchDesigner. Bookmarks are saved as bookmark components in /local/bookmarks.

Bookmarks can be recalled at any time using the Bookmark Menu. The bookmarks are listed at the bottom of this menu. To load a bookmark, click on its name and the bookmark's path will be loaded into the pane.

Bookmark Menu[edit]

The Bookmark menu is accessible at the top of every Pane. Clicking on the Bookmark icon in the Pane Bar opens the menu.

Bookmark Menu


Below the Bookmark titlebar, there are buttons to Bookmark this Pane and to Edit Bookmarks... using the Bookmarks Dialog. Bookmarking the current network location can be done by clicking the Bookmark this Pane button. When this is clicked, a dialog opens showing the path the bookmark will save and a default name. These can be edited here, and accepted by pressing Done in this dialog. Press Cancel to escape.

Clicking the Edit Bookmarks... button will open the Bookmarks dialog.

The bookmarks are listed (in alphabetical order at this time). By clicking on the name of the bookmark, the bookmark's path will be loaded into that pane.

Bookmarks can be added, edited, and deleted using the Bookmarks Dialog. Select Edit Bookmarks... from the Bookmark Menu, or select Bookmarks... from the Dialogs menu, or use the Alt-b shortcut.

Bookmark Dialog[edit]



The Bookmarks dialog lets you add, edit, and delete Bookmarks. Bookmarks are saved in the network location /local/bookmarks.


The bookmarks are listed in the dialog with the bookmark name in the left column, and the bookmark's path in the right column.

When there are more than 20 bookmarks in the list, use the scroll bar on the right side to look through them.


The dialog's titlebar can be grabbed to drag the dialog around the screen. To close the dialog, click the x button in the upper-right corner.

Adding a Bookmark


The text fields at the top of the dialog are used to add bookmarks. Enter the name of the bookmark in the name field on the left, then enter the network path for the bookmark in the field on the right. Click the Add button to add the bookmark, it will be displayed in the list below.

Bookmarks can also be added directly from the Bookmark Menu.

Editing a Bookmark


To edit a bookmark's name or path, click directly in the field and make the change. The name or path is updated after pressing Enter or clicking in another field.

Options Menu

Right-click on any bookmark to open the options menu.


Loading a Bookmark

To load a bookmark, right-click on it to open the options menu and select Load Bookmark. Bookmarks can also be loaded directly from the Bookmark Menu.

Deleting a Bookmark

To delete a bookmark, right-click on it to open the options menu and select Delete.