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TouchDesigner supports Bluefish444 video input and output devices through the Video Device In TOP and Video Device Out TOP.

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Neutronrange 4kneutron 001.jpgSupernovasplus 001.jpg

The Epoch | 4K Supernova S+ range and Epoch | Supernova CG are multi-channel 3G/HD/SD SDI I/O video cards enables TouchDesigner users to choose between a number of configurable I/O combinations. The Epoch | Neutron range offers both full height and low profile form factor variants, in either multi-channel 3G/HD or HD/SD with HDMI preview.

See Bluefish444 TouchDesigner page

Bluefish Support in TouchDesigner

TouchDesigner has built-in native driver support for Bluefish devices.

Ways to interface with Bluefish444 cards in TouchDesigner